Why you should choose to install ADU kit from BOSS to have an additional space within your property

Jan 21, 2021

What would you do to require more space inside your home? Rather than paying hefty rents, you can consider trying out an innovative yet cost-effective solution.  A lot of people are greatly concerned about the budget–the best solution is to build your own tiny house and make your dreams come true. BOSS in the USA is one of the biggest manufacturers of tiny home kits. We manufacture various types of tiny home kits, which also include ADU kits. This is your store for affordable tiny house kits.

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BOSS Tiny House fabricates and plans different kinds of minimalistic tiny house kits. We are specialists in offering customized kits, and we can provide units according to your necessities. All you require is to consult with BOSS experts about your needs. We guarantee that you can fabricate a minimalistic living space with our ADU kit. If you have a yard and wish to have a bigger space, it’s best to invest in an accessory dwelling kit. BOSS has dispatched the Shell Plus unit to satisfy a wide range of minimalistic home necessities. It’s the most reasonable pack that allows an easy and quick installation. 

You can utilize the yard space to fabricate an ADU and make enough space. It requires just 3 days for 2 individuals to gather the unit. We are likewise offering 3 years limited warranty on this DIY transformable pack. 

You can install our kits DIY, but you can also hire a contractor working in your vicinity for a perfect installation. The Shell Plus kit is ideal for installing on the trailer unit and the foundation. 

The advantage of the Shell Plus is that it accompanies plumbing and electrical frameworks pre-installed, saving work expenses and time. The inside is extensive, with a master room, kitchen, dining space, a restroom, an extra room, and a discretionary space. The rooftop and the walls are all around protected; the entryways and windows have secure locks. 

Are you worried that you need additional space and do not have a budget to invest in a tiny house kit? We have presented the BOSS Tiny House Loan, which takes under 5 minutes to get approved. We do verification to check the eligibility and offer you the financing. We provide this chance for an ever-increasing number of customers; we accept that every individual who wishes to have an ADU unit. 

A lot of customers have requested ADU kits and post-installation, they are amazed with our kit. We are getting more and more orders, and an ever-increasing number of individuals are searching for this reasonable choice. It is an option in contrast to conventional structures. Are you searching for an ADU unit? Talk to our BOSS specialists for a meeting, and we have an answer for you. Please visit our website for more information, request a quote.

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