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Now you do not have to pay hefty rents for having a space of your own. If you need an additional space next to your property, build your own ADU. Use your yard by setting your own ADU with our Shell Plus kit. We have experts who can guide you about it. If you have an ADU plan ready, you can also have a discussion. The Shell Plus kit makes the building process faster and efficient. This DIY transformable kit comes with a 3 years warranty and requires only 3 days for 2 people to install.

We design various types of DIY tiny house kits, and the cost to build an ADU is very affordable. The Shell Plus kit comes in two sizes, 8.5x20 for $9995 and 8.5x26 for $129995. Choose the size that is convenient for you. Some customers might feel the bigger, the better while others could be happy with compact space.

The Shell Plus kit comes with pre-installed plumbing and electrical systems. Build homes with our kits that are worth living in. The interior showcases a tall ceiling, lockable doors and windows, steel durable exterior walls, insulated and vinyl-coated interior walls. It's very secure; you have a large dining area, a master room where you can push in a king-sized bed, a dining space, a kitchen, a washroom, a utility space and an additional loft. What else would you need to have a perfect ADU? You also have the option of using your homer as an office, ample convenience and savings your way.

You are lucky if you stay in a house and have a yard for utilization. Wirth BOSS kits you can create the home of your dreams wherever you want. BOSS has been designing modern homes and ADUs for a long time now, we offer the best tiny house kits. Our kits are affordable, making the building process faster and better.