Contemporary tiny house shell – preinstalled electrical and plumbing facilities, easy assembling

The process to build a home hasn’t changed for centuries. With all our advances in technology it’s surprising that homes are still built piece-by-piece with wooden frames, studs, and nails. The process is highly manual, slow, fragmented, and expensive making it challenging to build fast and affordably.

BOSS (Built-on-site Systems) is a new generation of tiny living where every structure is prefabricated and delivered in the form of kits. Any layman can assemble the kits and have a space ready to live. It comes with pre-installed electrical and plumbing facilities. The tiny house shell kits are available in various sizes, designs, and layouts. [+]

Our expert team delivers the highest value to customers and special attention to individual requirements. We have sold more than 100,000 kits all over the USA till now, and several more customers are connecting with us every day. Our innovative technologies and designs have patents and are exclusive. Every tiny structure assembled using the BOSS Tiny house kit has a story to tell. We have made any dream come true. Start designing your own tiny home according to your requirements.


BOSS brings construction into the new age.

Outdated manual processes are replaced with automated assembly lines and all in one easy to assemble panels. By leveraging the same principles we value in our manufacturing facilities we can produce quality livable Tiny Houses at high volume and low cost. [+]

We aim to improve the lives of those who do not have huge annual incomes because they are scared of soaring property prices and higher mortgage fees. Our goal is to provide all people with a self-owned and safe place to live regardless of the region's economy, climate and geographical setting. BOSS is playing its part in creating a sustainable future. The construction is conducted inside the factory and no harm is done to the environment. Almost 90% of the materials used are recyclable.


For over 20 years....

Our team and associated companies have mastered building skyscrapers, homes, cabins, and sheds utilizing the best combination of factory manufacturing and on-site erection. BOSS Tiny House was launched as a division of BOSS to bring years of manufacturing and construction expertise into the affordable living space. We pride ourselves on building quality homes affordably and at mass scale. [+]

BOSS Tiny House has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. We have been manufacturing modern tiny house shell kits for over 20 years. We aim to design affordable tiny home kits so that you can easily build a desirable structure out of them. We want you to have a smile on your face while accepting minimalism.


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