Built On Site Systems (BOSS) is a methodology that brings construction into the new age. With decades of experience in manufacturing and construction, we blend the perks of prefabricated building with the best of on-site construction. BOSS prioritizes ease of assembly, speed of delivery, and quality of production, all at an accessible price point.

All our homes come with a standard kit including: Foundation, base U channels, wall panels, roofing, doors, and standard windows. We also offer many other features which can be added on in our configurator. Design and Price your Tiny Home here

Yes, our Tiny Homes are sold as a do it yourself kit which arrives in two easy to unpack crates. They can be easily installed by yourself or our team of professional installers.

Cabinetry, flooring, finishings are not included in a kit.

We ship between 4-6 weeks depending on size and layout. Our most popular designs ship within 4 weeks. Complete installed products vary and are subject to the availability of our certified installers.

Our Tiny Houses arrive in easy to unpack crates. Total number of crates is based on the size of your tiny house. Box dimensions are approx 9ft x 3.5ft x 3.5ft and weigh approx 800lbs.

Our units range between 2000lbs to 10,000lbs depending on size and layout. For more information about your Tiny Home design call us 323-380-4304 at or email

Yes, by partnering with over 300 lenders we ensure our customers get the best rates and plans for the Tiny House shell of their dreams. Rates and options vary, based on DTI and credit history. Apply for financing options here

Electrical Components: lights, switches, outlets, Wires, Junction Box, etc.

Plumbing Components: Pex Pipe, Elbows, Connectors, Fittings, Valves, etc.


Price varies depending on unit size

Yes, Read about our 5 year warranty here.

Yes, our ridged roof panels are compatible with solar panels.

BOSS panels are conveniently built with electric channels for wires and an open foundation for plumbing. This gives your interior design infinite possibilities and makes finishing work seamless. Just call an electrician and plumber for a fast installation.

We also offer a Lifestyle package including electrical components, plumbing pieces, and subflooring saving you time and money.


One of the biggest benefits of the BOSS is that our homes can be built on any flat land. All our Tiny Houses come with a foundation kit that allows for building directly on dirt, asphalt, or grass after leveling. A concrete slab foundation is recommended, especially for electrical and plumbing lines, however is not required. Always check your city ordinances and permit requirements before choosing where to build.

Our most popular tiny houses (144-170 sqft) take two people to assemble over three days.

No industrial tools are needed, basic tools from home can be used. For example: Electric Drill Philips Head Screwdriver Pliers Safety Goggles Gloves 8’ Ladder

If you plan to do it yourself, you will need: Wire strippers Wire cutters Flathead screwdriver Adjustable wrench Channel lock pliers Measuring tape Silicone Level Rubber mallet Cutting knife Contact our certified installers here.

With BOSS you can either assemble your Tiny Home by (1) doing it yourself or (2) hire one of our certified installer


BOSS is designed to do it yourself! This is a great option for the handy homeowner who enjoys a weekend project and wants a low cost solution. Every BOSS Tiny House comes with a detailed installation manual. You can also access installation videos in our installation resource center here

Shell Only: Our certified installers will build your Tiny House Kit in a matter of days. You will need to call an electrician and plumber to complete the final hookups.

Complete: Our certified professional installers will complete your Tiny House kit with electrical, plumbing and subfloor to your desired specifications. We recommend upgrading to our lifestyle package for standard electrical, plumbing and subfloor components.


Yes, all our homes meet International Building Codes, California Building Codes, pass Title 24 energy requirements, and are FM approved.

It depends on the size and options included with your BOSS Tiny house. Most counties allow for the construction of one 120 sqft structure without applying for a building permit. Be sure to check local regulations by contacting your local building department before ordering.

1. Find out if you need a permit (see questions below) 2. If you need a permit, talk to us about our permit package 3. Obtain your site plan and local building codes 4. Take BOSS Permit Package (and any supplementary information) to your local building department for a permit

For those that require permitting we offer a Permit Package (for an additional fee). In our Permit Package you will be provided engineer-stamped structural drawings, foundation details, and your BOSS Tiny House mapped on your site plan.

Tip: If your city requires a permit, opt for an electrical-only permit, rather than a full building permit, as it is usually much simpler to obtain.

  • Is there a certain size or square footage where a building permit is required?
  • What is your zoning and allowed building forms?
  • Is an engineer-stamped plan set required to pull a permit?
  • Is there a limit to the number of structures you can add to property?
  • What is the max lot coverage for all structures?
  • Any wall or roof height limitations?
  • What is the required distance between structures on your property?
  • What are your setbacks (distance off the property line to the new structure)?
  • Any special easements (utility, cable, access roads, open space, corner lot) that affect where your Tiny house can go?

Do not place an order without going through the permitting process. We recommend having discussions with a BOSS team member and having a permit before placing an order.

We offer a 50% money back guarantee for those who do not get approved after three trials.






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