The BOSS Shell Plus kit helping you to build tiny cabins

Nov 16, 2020

Do you want an outdoor den, and you are worried about the budget? How about having a cozy, gabled style with high ceilings and a bonus room with a loft? Now you can build your cabin using the BOSS DIY cabin kits. A lot of customers are taking an interest in building their cabins using our kits. 

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BOSS Tiny House is the biggest manufacturer of tiny house kits; we customize according to your choice and preferences. If you plan to set up an isolated space where you could stay away from your family in case the Coronavirus infects you, a cabin in your yard is ideal. 

Easy and inexpensive installation process:

We have introduced the Shell Plus kit, a DIY transformable kit that is unique and easy to install. BOSS Shell Plus kit boasts seamless installation; assembling a cabin is not an expensive affair. It takes 3 days for 2 people to complete the installation. It comes with easy and simple instructions so that any layman can do the installation. It is a DIY kit, so you can do  the installation yourself without being an expert. But again if you wish, you can hire a contractor for building on site. We have a huge client base, and they are all satisfied with the kind of kit and after-sales service we offer. Contractors love to install BOSS kits, so find an expert in your locality. 

Electrical and plumbing system pre-installed: 

The Shell Plus kit is available at BOSS with pre-installed electrical and plumbing facilities. The interior has a vaulted and high ceiling. The frames are pre-cut for seamless installation; the outer wall is made of steel, the roof is insulated and high, the walls inside are insulated vinyl-coated; also, the doors and windows have a proper locking mechanism. 

In case you require building a tiny cabin, but you lack funds, there is no need to worry. We have also introduced the BOSS, Tiny House Loan, to have a tiny space for your requirements. It’s an easy financing system, the loan approval is extremely flexible, and it takes less than 5 minutes to be approved. 

The kit comes in two sizes: 

The Shell Plus kit comes with a 3 years warranty, and we have kept affordability in mind. Our kits are available in two sizes, 8.5’x 20’ and 8.5’x26’; you need to spend $9,995 for the smaller one and $12,995 for the larger one. BOSS Shell Plus kits are merely perfect for tiny cabins, but you can also build an ADU, your own home office, in-law suite, play-space, and more. BOSS are the experts in designing various types of kits, you mention your requirement and cater accordingly. 

Best value kits from BOSS Tiny House: 

BOSS Tiny House kits are ideal for erecting a tiny house on a foundation or a trailer. Our kits are incredibly affordable and have ample customization options. We offer the best value tiny house kits, ensuring anyone who needs a tiny house can invest in our solution. 

Are you planning to invest in DIY tiny house kits? Please discuss your requirements with our expert team and request a quote.

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