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Want to build a cabin by yourself, a space to relax, unwind, or store items? The demand for cabins is on the rise due to the global pandemic scenario. More and more people are investing as a space for isolation. A cabin can be put to many good uses because you have BOSS to offer the sturdiest kit. We understand how difficult it is to rent a space; we present innovative DIY cabin kits. Assemble it yourself and save additional costs.

Build your small cabin with the new Shell Plus kit from BOSS Tiny House. BOSS designs the best tiny house kits that are DIY transformable have a 3 years warranty and are cost-effective. Our cabin solutions are unique; we offer a high level of customization. BOSS is reputed to design unique kits that help you build your tiny cabin without any hassle. It would take only 3 days for 2 people to build a cabin, the Shell Plus kit comes with electrical and plumbing systems installed.

What if you do not have enough funds to invest, but a cabin is a must-have for you? Apply for the BOSS Tiny House Loan; if you are eligible, it gets approved in a few minutes. A lot of clients have benefitted from this easy financing option.

This kit comes with pre-installed plumbing and electrical facilities. With the Shell Plus kit, build a cabin that is ideal for living. The interior and exterior are well insulated. BOSS is offering high-quality and affordable tiny houses on trailer kits. Request for a quote.