Sim and Joe built an ADU and attached it to their house before welcoming their newborn

Jun 22, 2020

Sim and Joe were then would-be parents for the first time who were looking for a new home. Sim stopped working; the income of the family went down to some extent. Joe was under pressure, just before he was about to welcome a new baby, he had to accumulate enough funds. He was looking for a solution; he discussed his requirements with his colleagues and friends. Finally, Joe got an answer, building a tiny house. Joe had to search for companies that manufacture tiny house kits. He took the help of the internet to search for tiny house kit suppliers and finally came across BOSS. Joe discussed the plan with Sim, and she agreed to build one.

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Do you know what an ADU is? It is known as an accessory dwelling unit that you can add to your existing home. If you live in an apartment, it is not possible to add this unit, but if it is your own home, you can always invest in an ADU instead of renting a new home. This is one of the most cost-saving options we suggested to the couple. He reached BOSS for a consultation, and we showed them the unique and modern Shell Plus kit. This is the most affordable and DIY transformable kit that any layman can install. We are offering a 3 years limited warranty along with it. The couple wanted to build an ADU because they had all plans of adding extra room for a nanny and Sim’s mom, also having some additional space is a good thing when a newborn arrives. They could also use it as a guest room when they would have more family members for specific occasions. 

After they received the kit, it took both of them just 3 days to complete the installation. But if you are not capable of installing a tiny house, you can choose to hire a contractor who would do it onsite and charge very low. Hire a contractor who is an expert in installing tiny home kits

Post-installation they discovered the benefits, the ADU has a high ceiling, the interior walls are soft, vinyl-coated and insulated, the exterior walls are made of galvanized steel and also insulated, the roof is insulated and snow-load tested has been done before installation, there are pre-cut frames for easy installation. The kit has a spacious room, a decent bathroom, a proper dining area, a kitchen, a utility and storage space, and an optional loft. Safety is one of the biggest concerns, and the BOSS has taken this seriously. The doors are made of steel with deadbolt locks, the windows are double-paned and have a proper locking mechanism. Sim and Joe installed this ADU close to their house in the yard, but you can also choose to install in your driveway so that supervision is possible. This kit is ideal for building on the foundation and trailers. The kits are available in two sizes, 8.5’’ x 20’’and 8.5’’ x 26’’.

Get financing solution from BOSS, you can apply for the BOSS Tiny House loan, and if you are eligible for it, the loan gets approved in the least time. Now you can build your cabin, home office, in-law suites, play area, etc. using the Shell Plus kit. Its time to give wings to your dream by investing DIY tiny house kits. Request us for a quote, and we will send it within one day. 


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