Get to know how ADU kits can be the perfect space for your ailing mother-in-law

Jul 13, 2021

Ailing parents and in-laws need their families at the time of crisis. The problem arises when the small apartments and houses do not have extra room for the ailing patient. Unfortunately, nuclear families have seldom faced the problem of accommodating older adults who need to stay with their families. The solution to this problem is ADU kits. BOSS Tiny House gets you custom-made tiny home kits for sale that is affordable, comfortable and provides your family with the much-needed extra space.

ADU kits are extra spacious than the conventional, tiny homes

BOSS is one of the industry leaders offering custom-made ADU units and tiny house kits that are spacious and large enough to provide your in-laws with a comfortable living space. Generally, these tiny homes come in 16’ x 40’ and 24’x 80’ sizes, but can get customized according to your requirements. The ADU kits are large enough to accommodate at least 5 people living together like a family. The units have pre-installed plumbing and electrical systems that function smoothly for years. BOSS’s tiny homes come with a 3-year warranty and last for a long time with minimum repair work required. The tiny homes are not tiny, but are definitely strong and durable to enable your family to live in comfort and privacy.

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Privacy and comfortable dwelling 

When you have an ailing in-law who needs proper nursing and care, the ADU unit can provide the seclusion necessary for them to get well. Kids and pets need to be kept away from an ailing family member. The tiny home kits provide the necessary privacy to ensure that children, pets, and other family members stay away from the ailing person. However, with pre-installed plumbing and electrical systems, the ADU units ensure that the patient gets adequate care and proper hygiene gets maintained all throughout the stay. BOSS provides preselect kitchen, bathroom and interior finishing. The steel doors and roof offer optimal strength and durability, as the steel used by BOSS are all ASTM-certified. The upgraded features of the tiny house ensure aesthetics, durability and good living.

Easy assembling within days 

If you are in immediate need of an apartment to shift your ailing in-law, then get the ADU kit from BOSS. Within a few weeks, you will have the DIY kit delivered to you with a user-friendly manual to help in assembling the structures. Then, either get 2 skilled laborers or ask for help from your family and friends to assemble the structures. The prefabricated structures get assembled within 3 days and without much hassles. However, you can either get the tiny home installed over a foundation or order the home on wheels. The tiny homes on wheels are mobile that helps you take the ailing person from one place to another without trouble. So, if you wish to take the ailing in-law to the hospital or the doctor – the mobile home is an ideal choice.

Tiny Home Loan at BOSS

Are you facing a tight budget? The medical expenses are high and this might be a cause of concern for you. Avail of the home loan from BOSS. We check your eligibility and once you get the clearance, we sanction your loan within minutes. Now, you get the loan and start talking with the experts about a customized home plan that would be an ideal fit for your extended family.

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