Davis is an avid dancer, and he built his first-ever studio himself with the Shell Plus kit

Jul 16, 2020

Davis is a western dancer, and now he wishes to start his studio. He lives in a small house with his family, and now he is looking for a space that he can rent within his budget. Dance is an art, and it needs peace of mind and space where people can be more creative. 

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He was looking for another option because he was not getting a space within his budget; he felt that the rents are very high. Finally, he had in mind tiny homes because he had one of his friends who built his own home office. Davis called up Popsy and came to know that she got kits from BOSS Tiny House. He immediately browsed the BOSS website for affordable tiny house kits and was impressed. 

BOSS has now introduced the new and very modern Shell Plus kit. This kit is a DIY transformable kit that is easy to assemble and comes with a three-year warranty. We offer various types of tiny home kits for sale, talk to us about your requirements, and choose the right kind of kit. 

We asked Davis how big he wanted his dance studio to be? The Shell Plus kit comes in two sizes, 8.5’x 20’ and 8.5’x26’, available at $9995 and $12995 respectively. He chose the bigger one; some more space would be suitable for a dance studio. Now Davis thanked us for the aid, he immediately got a chance to own a dance studio. The installation takes only three days for two people, so Davis and his wife did it together. If you are planning to own a tiny house and feel that you cannot build it yourself, hire a contractor to make it. Apart from a studio, you can use this kit to build an ADU, home office, in-law suite, cabin, and play space for kids.      

Post-installation, Davis shared a picture of his dance studio, and it was more than perfect. Now he is expanding his venture, which once started with his tiny studio. The interior is very spacious, having a master room; there is a bathroom, dining space, a loft, and a kitchen. The doors and windows are very secure with proper locking mechanisms. The ceiling is vaulted, insulated, and is snow-load tested. The interior wall is vinyl-coated and soft white; the exterior wall is made of galvanized steel; both are insulated. The kit comes with plumbing and electricals already installed.                                                            

BOSS is happy and proud to have so many successful clients, we help make dreams come true. We are the most experienced manufacturers offering affordable small house kits for sale. Now we are renowned for providing the best value tiny house kits. We are providing customized kits to so many customers. If you have something in mind, get in touch with our experts for a discussion, and we also have a sales team that responds fast. BOSS is offering unparalleled customer support. Build a tiny house, order your kit today. Request us for a quote.

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