Our Story

BOSS Tiny Houses are part of  Harwal an international, award winning organization and our US Divisions, US Polymers, Inc.

Enjoy the benefits you get working with the largest manufacturer of Tiny Houses in the world.

We bring you the best tiny house straight to your doorstep.

Our 28 international business units spread across the Middle East, Africa, Europe and USA provide unequaled technical resources and manufacturing capabilities, along with decades of expertise.
That’s why our TinyHouses are called BOSS

We have a long history of innovation and manufacturing of portable buildings. We have sold 100,000’s of kits over the years all over the USA and the world. We hold numerous patents for innovative technologies incorporated into our products.

With our New BOSS Line of TinyHouses, our exclusive Built On Site Solution Lets you get your house up in days, and for less investment than you thought was possible. Our entire organization is committed to providing you the best value and quality in Tiny Houses available anywhere