BOSS Tiny Home Builders Created A Tiny Backyard Reading Retreat For this Bibliophile

Oct 25, 2019

Christopher is a bibliophile and that’s what he has been all his life. But, after his twin kids were born, he found it harder and harder to find a quiet space in his apartment to concentrate on reading books. It was also becoming difficult for him to host book club sessions in his house with the kids running around. He started feeling a little frustrated and that’s when he decided he needed to build a backyard reading retreat. He reached out to BOSS for that purpose and we told him about our all-inclusive tiny house kit made of premium quality steel. Since BOSS kits are affordable but offer the highest value, he was immediately sold on the idea of a tiny reading retreat in his garden. 

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 Initially, he was enthusiastic about taking the DIY route but realized that he didn’t have time to build it himself with having to balance work and the kids as his wife was away for a month. Our BOSS experts are always ready to offer onsite assistance on building tiny homes at your preferred location. Our experienced team of tiny house builders arrived on his property at the decided time and date and helped him set-up the tiny reading retreat within a week. As we do not ship large pre-built houses, Christopher was glad to save some money there. He didn’t need to hire a crane to unload our tiny house kit!

We ship in the form of kits, either you assemble it yourself or we do it for you.

 Once we assembled the parts and completed the on-site installation, we helped Christopher personalize the space according to his design aesthetics and requirement. He wanted something very simple – a space where he can read in peace. BOSS is very reputed for offering customized tiny house kits. On his request, we customized the tiny house to include several racks on the walls so that he can easily display his collection of books. We included a kitchen with just the necessary items like, an oven, a fridge and a sink. He later added an instant coffee machine. Also, we installed a small washroom, and we worked on the plumbing and installing electrical systems, so there wasn’t much work that needed to be done. 

 BOSS never runs out of ideas so we tried to do something unique. Considering the design and layout of the house, we created an elevated space and connected it to the ground with a ladder. He wanted that space because he could fall asleep reading, or his friends wanted to crash. We kept the sleeping space tiny and just provided it with a mattress so that it serves the purpose. 

 In the main reading area, we threw around a couple of bean bags and cushions so that his book club friends could comfortably sit around and enjoy reading. He wanted to be eco-friendly so he used solar panels for electricity. 

 Now, whenever he wants some quiet time with his books, he hides in his backyard retreat. Helping Christopher build his reading retreat was fun for us too. He knew his requirements pretty well. At BOSS, we have an expert team, so the most amazing thing is that we were able to finish the entire tiny house building job within a week. Also, he loved the fact that our steel structure panels were soundproof. 

Do you have a tiny house project like this in mind? Contact BOSS. We have the best tiny house builders for you. 


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