Maria and Chris built a play space for their daughters with the BOSS Shell Plus Kit and its secure

affordable tiny house kits

Maria and Chris from California are very responsible parents in a way that they have taken extra care of their kids through each of their developmental stages. They have two beautiful daughters, one close to being a teen and the younger one is smaller. As they are growing up the parents have realized that they need their own space. They have an apartment which is not so big, the parents want some time for themselves and so do the kids and this is why they have planned to build a tiny house for their children and that would be their space, a play space. They have their yard empty and this is how they desire to use up the yard space.

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They took ample time to look for affordable tiny house kits, they did have a budget and finally, they consulted BOSS Tiny House for a solution. Renting a separate apartment is always very expensive and they are not willing to do that even because they can keep an eye on the kids from their apartment because the yard is closed. They came across several companies selling small house kits but they were not satisfied with the product and now when they have heard of the newly launched BOSS Shell Plus kit, they feel lucky because they came to BOSS.

This new Shell Plus is the most affordable DIY transformable kit which is very simple to install. The parents decide to do the installation themselves, two people are enough to install this kit and it took only 3 days to complete the process. This Shell Plus kit is available in two different sizes: 8.5’’ x 20’’ and 8.5’’ x 26’’, they decided to make use of the financing option that BOSS was ready to offer them and invest in the bigger one and it costs $ 12995. The good news is that BOSS offers financing options to the customers, we do all sorts of checks and verifications to ensure you are eligible for it and once you qualify, you get it immediately.

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The Shell Plus kit comes with amazing livable ideas, the ceiling is spacious and vaulted, it comes with a full-size bathroom, a dining area, a master room where you can fit a full-size bed, you can add-on a loft if you desire and big kitchen space. Maria and Chris were more than happy to have such a spacious tiny house as a play space for their kids. If you are worried about security, you must know that it has steel doors with deadbolt locks, double-pane windows that can be locked. Therefore, parents do not need to worry if the kids are having their share of time inside. Apart from that, the roof is insulated, durable and is snow load tested, the walls are insulated and coated with soft-textured vinyl, the exterior walls are made of durable galvanized steel. Nothing can be more amazing than the BOSS Shell Plus kit.

BOSS is very sincere in delivering the products to their clients and this is why we ship the Shell Plus kit in wooden crates to ensure safety. This innovative and modern kit is used for building your cabin, ADUs, home offices and of course playspaces. If you are planning to invest in small house kits to make your dreams come true, come to BOSS for a consultation. The experts at BOSS help you with the right tiny house solution, we are also ideal for customization and this is why our clients love us. If you are looking for the most modern tiny house shell kit, invest in the Shell Plus kit now. Request us for a quote.

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