Assemble an ADU in your yard by using the BOSS Shell Plus kit

Jun 25, 2020

You can now have a bigger home without investing much in renting a new property or buying one. Did you hear of accessory dwelling units? Yes, its also called the ADU, a kind of tiny structure that you can build yourself. Now, where would you find an ADU kit? If you have decided to use up the yard space efficiently, it’s time to research the internet for tiny home kits, finding a manufacturer. 

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Now, if you intend to invest in premium kits, BOSS Tiny House is the ideal destination. We are the largest manufacturers of tiny house kits in the USA. We have a huge collection of various types of tiny house kits using which you can build your structure. It’s been sometime now that we have launched the most modern and technologically advanced tiny house kit, the Shell Plus. There could be many ADU kits in the market, but none can beat the Shell Plus benefits. It’s a DIY transformable kit that comes with a 3 years warranty. It takes only two people to assemble the kit in just 3 days, and your ADU is ready. 

If you are sincerely thinking of building an extension, choose the right ADU plan, discuss your requirements with us, and offer you a customized kit. This kit is ideal for building an ADU on a foundation and a trailer. This kit comes with plumbing and electricals pre-installed; this saves labor cost and time. BOSS promotes self-building, its easy to build your own ADU and do its interiors as well. But, in case you cannot do it yourself, hire a contractor who can build it onsite. 

The Shell Plus kit has some fantastic features; the interior is worth living. It has a spacious room where you can fit in a double king size bed; there is a bathroom, a dining space, a decent kitchen, a utility or storage space, and a provision of the optional loft. The interior is made of an insulated roof that has been tested for bearing the snow load; the interior walls are soft, vinyl-coated, and rightly insulated; the exterior walls are made of galvanized steel doors, and windows are secure with proper locking systems.

Do you feel the need to have more space added to your home, and are you planning to build an ADU but still feel the shortage of funds? Are you thinking about the cost of building ADU and cannot decide whether to invest? BOSS offers financing to such clients; we have the BOSS Tiny House loan that gets approved in a few minutes. With such an option, now it’s easy to own a tiny house; we check whether you are eligible for the loan and once its approved, you can take away the kit immediately. 

BOSS is dedicated to offering the best value kits; we ensure that anyone who feels the need to own a tiny structure must have it immediately. Refer to the website to read more about the Shell Plus kit. Request for a quote.

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