Your cozy studio tiny home is ready – You embraced the tiny living concept

Jun 14, 2023

Have you dreamt of a cozy home but could not own it yet? You are close to your dream if you have absorbed the idea of tiny homes. Imagine walking into the door and viewing the entire living space instantly. Can you imagine cleaning the studio tiny home will take less than one hour? 

Apartments and studios are very expensive, almost out of reach for most people. Renting can make a hole in your pocket. How about owning a studio or a tiny home? Downsizing is an art that most are practicing because, these days, you really must be budget conscious. Compact studio units have been on trend recently, and they can be an abode close to your heart. Owning a studio tiny house means living close to your family happily. 

Customized studio tiny homes

BOSS offers studios that range from 190 sq ft to 290 sq ft. You can choose from a wide range of roof styles. We use ASTM-certified steel that offers rigidity, strength, and insulation. The steel structure offers fire resistance, seismic stability, and foundation strength. BOSS studio house kits come with pre-installed plumbing and electrical facilities. 

Did you ever try living in a big house? 

It seems great at first, but large spaces can become messy fast. Living in a tiny studio eliminates such opportunities. In a small house, you can live comfortably without clutter. When it comes to downsizing, the tiny house wins because it offers proper floor space and square footage. Because they require less space, BOSS homes are environmentally friendly. A tiny studio home is energy efficient and has a small carbon footprint. Naturally, you save money on utility and maintenance bills. BOSS panels use sustainable solutions. Our panels are manufactured using 35% recycled plastic. We have formed a partnership with globally renowned plastic recycling businesses. The panels’ fire resistance is improved by using recycled plastics in manufacturing.

Get the Permit Package

You must establish a tiny house with proper permits. BOSS is now offering the ‘Permit Package’ for timely permission. The package includes the following:

  • Structural drawings that engineers approve
  • Title 24 Energy Certification
  • FM Approval certification

So, there is nothing to worry about the permits. Submit the plan, and you will receive the permit within 4 to 6 weeks. 

The CustomFin financing

Do you believe that fund shortages can take you away from your aim of owning a studio tiny home? There is no reason to do so because BOSS offers flexible financing plans. BOSS has gone into partnership with CustomFin to offer lucrative financing plans. Here, you will have access to more than 300 lenders, and we offer the lowest interest rates, which start from 3.99%.

Final words

Invest in BOSS’s studio tiny home and have your own living space. The kits and prefab homes come with a 3-year warranty. They can be installed on a foundation or on wheels to ensure portability. We ship the kits directly to your site. Request a quote.







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