You Can Use a Tiny House in Many Ways – Decide How You Want to Use it and Build a Home Using BOSS Kits

Aug 27, 2019

BOSS Tiny House is a part of the tiny house movement and we are actively involved in offering bespoke tiny house solutions to people who still do not have their own homes and to people who are looking for additional spaces. These days’ people love living a compact life free from the stress of debt and mortgages. At BOSS we motivate our customers to build their own tiny house using our small house kits for sale but some agree to get it assembled by our experts. Apart from aiding the homeless with a solution, we have so many clients who cannot afford heavy rents but looking for additional space. We build tiny homes on foundation and archetypal houses on wheels.

Design Yours

Are you keen about starting your own venture from scratch or with to chase your passion or you require a space for any other reason?  You can build your own tiny house, save the labor cost and have your own space. There are many uses of tiny house, you need to decide for what you plan to use and we design kits based on that. You can use a tiny house as an office, it’s even better if you are self employed or wish to work from home. If you build a tiny house on wheels you could probably work from a remote location as well. You can convert your tiny home into a tech-zone or a gaming space, you men could use it as a man cave for relaxation, a tiny house could be a perfect weekend home. We have many creative enthusiasts who are build tiny homes for studios, workshops, painting space, a space to pursue music, yoga and more. You can build a tiny house for using it as a guest house and you can also rent it out. There are various uses of tiny house, you can decide yours.

You can know more about the tiny house concept and about our kits if you visit our website. We have so many happy clients who put testimonials, some use it for a few weeks, and some are using these structures for years. We have clients who now have their own concrete homes and also clients who have made it big by chasing their dreams from that tiny space. We are now the leading manufacturer of tiny house kits and we are offering tiny home solutions for more than a decade now so we have seen many clients. People later came to us and spoke about the positive experiences, they enjoyed freedom from debt, they could be real home owners and also save some money. Having a tiny house means joining the community which means you get like-minded people and last but not the least, you have your own space. A tiny house is very easy to maintain and there are homes that come with adequate insulation and temperature control.

You know kit but have you heard of shells? It’s something that would make your task a lot easier because we design complete structures with ceiling, doors and windows etc, these are shells and they are customized according to your requirements. If you wish to assemble your own shell, invest in tiny house shells for sale. Our shells are very affordable and we have occasional discounts as well.

In the era of minimalism, using a tiny house for any purpose is so realistic. At BOSS you do not even have to worry about your finances. We have financing options for those who are eligible for it. Before you settle for a tiny house, do adequate planning. We are proud to have a bunch of happy clients so if you are planning to get a tiny space of your own, build it using our kits. Get in touch with us for a consultation.

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