Willam built a new art studio of his own investing in the Shell Plus kit from BOSS

Apr 17, 2020

William is a painter and now he is planning to have his own space to paint, showcase his paintings to a few of his clients. In all, he wished to grow bigger in the painting arena and do something more creative.  He lived in a small house with his family and that was not enough for him to make his dreams bigger. At this moment, he did not have too much funds so that he could rent a lavish office space. After discussing with his friends, he came to know about the tiny house solution. While searching for the internet for tiny house kits he came across quite a few tiny house manufacturers, among them he chose BOSS Tiny House. When he called us, he shared his dreams and told us that he did not have a very clear idea about tiny homes. At BOSS, we have a very helpful and supportive team to help with complete information related to tiny homes and offer a proper consultation. After sharing his ideas and taking our advice, he was one step closer to owning his own space.
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William did not have ample time and we guided him to build his own tiny house, which meant that we wanted him to invest in the very innovative DIY transformable Shell Plus kit from BOSS Tiny House. This is the most affordable kit from us and if two people are installing it takes only 3 days to complete the installation. William is a novice so he called upon one of his friends who already owns a tiny house and is an expert in installing. He was amazed at how fast and how perfectly the installation went and he was actually closer to his dream. One very important thing is that at BOSS we try to ensure that all people having tiny home requirements should have it even if finance is an issue. To help William sail through this without feeling burdened, we offered him financial assistance after ensuring he qualifies for it.

There is now doubt that he was looking for a bigger space, our Shell Plus kit is available in two sizes, 8.5’x 20’ which costs $9995 and the bigger one is 8.5’ x 26’ which costs $12995.

This kit comes with plumbing and electrical systems installed and this did reduce the burden of hiring labour for installing those. William as mentioned above chose to build his own tiny house and he wrote us “Thanks to BOSS, I feel so accomplished after building my own tiny space. As an artist I feel that this kit is perfect for those who are looking for an additional space.” Now that we manufacture so many types of tiny home kits and have so many clients, we love to receive such positive responses from our clients, these are so motivating. We bring to you built-on-site systems which are absolutely easy to install so in case you fail to install it yourself; you can always hire expert contractors.

William was impressed by the outstanding features of this kit, we are offering a 3 years warranty and there are more to the list. The kit comes with a sturdy insulated roof that is snow-load tested, the ceiling is high and insulated, the interior walls are soft and vinyl coated, the doors and windows have secure locking systems. The interior is worth utilizing with a big living space, a spacious bathroom, kitchen, dining, and loft and storage space.

William got more than he expected so he was extremely satisfied with this Shell Plus kit.  Choose BOSS for tiny house for sale, we are now one of the most popular tiny house kit manufacturers in California.
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