Why should you live in a tiny house – Buy affordable tiny house shell kit?

May 21, 2019

Many are obsessed with tiny houses, and if you are one of them, you are absolutely on the right track. These days you get different tiny houses that look so picture perfect. These homes can be decorated and designed in different ways, just the way you want it to be. Well, if you feel a tiny house is just a house with no space around, you can always build a log cabin using complete small cabin kits. You can do so much more like attaching a loft and you can ask the experts. There are many benefits of living in tiny houses, and you might know some but so here is bringing to you all the benefits of tiny living.

Presenting to you all the benefits of tiny houses

You can travel with your home

BOSS, is California is one of the biggest manufacturers of tiny house kits and tiny house for sale, we cater to customers and among them, so many are looking for a portable housing solution. If you have a tiny house, you can easily hitch it to a truck and transport to another location. It’s easy to move with your home if you own a portable tiny house. We build tiny houses that can be parked anywhere, most equipped with solar panels and rainwater collector and more. You can always have a consultation with us regarding your requirements.

Building a tiny house won’t cost you a fortune

Property prices have touched the skies, and if you plan to invest in a property, it can make a big irreparable hole in your pocket. However, again, renting is not a good idea for the long term and you also might have dreams of owning your property. At BOSS we have a team of tiny house designers and builders who can create a fantastic home. If you have the desire and time, you can build your own home investing only in our tiny house shell kit, and this will save labor costs. Our kits have all components so that assembling your shell is easier. You can also customize the interiors according to your choice, or you can call us to do it for you. You get tiny houses at a fraction of the price of usual homes. In case you have done a good saving, you can pay cash, or we have flexible financing options.

You can live in environment-friendly homes

A tiny house is a smaller space so there would be limited use of resources and this itself contributes to a friendlier environment. You can also have s functional tiny house built of recycled materials. To make your home more environments friendly, you can use solar winds resources for power, a filtration system, rainwater catch, and a composting toilet. You will have lesser gadgets, appliances, and decorations.

The BOSS is here

BOSS Tiny House, California designs amazing tiny houses ideal for your requirements, you can design yours and customize your home. We have the most affordable yet premium quality and easy to install kits for DIY enthusiasts. We are here to offer affordable living solutions, reach us for a consultation.







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