Why should you be interested in customized tiny houses?

Jul 28, 2023

How about assembling a tiny house and becoming a proud owner of it? Tiny house kits are available in the market that facilitate easy assembling of tiny homes. Do not worry if there is no time for assembling because BOSS manufactures prefab tiny homes. You can also invest in shells to make your task easier by paying a little more than you would have if you got kits. Shells offer you the ready structure along with the doors and windows. A minimalistic home can be your work space, ADU, lodge, studio, or play space for kids. Investing in the best tiny home kits means owning a space within the budget.


Tiny homes with 3-year warranty

All our structures meet the California and International Building Codes and are met by BOSS tiny homes. BOSS tiny houses use insulated steel that makes the walls and ceiling. All our structures come with a 3-year warranty. The BOSS panels are made with LGS framing as this material produces no waste at all. The steel is resistant to termites, moisture, fire, and seismic waves. BOSS panels are entirely fabricated into one. This makes them easy to assemble and affordable.

The roofs can carry 30 lbs of snow load. The windows can be customized based on the light of your necessities. The doors are facilitated with secure locking systems. BOSS homes come with preinstalled plumbing and electrical facilities.

Financing at low interest rates

BOSS offers a permit package for customers because installing a tiny home requires a permit. You do not need to pay immediately as we bring you adaptable funding. It is easy to own a tiny house within the budget. BOSS has tied up with CustomFin so you can choose from adequate options to purchase the best tiny house kits. You can browse and choose one among 300 loan specialists. Our interest rates are low, which start at 3.99%.

Sustainability is key

Start living off the grid with our best tiny home kits. Any layman can assemble our kits and have a space ready within a few hours. BOSS offers minimalist tiny house solutions in the US. BOSS implements new technology to offer new age construction. Easy assembling, high-quality production, and speedy delivery. Choosing minimalism is all about accepting the fact that cost reduction is of the utmost importance. Lower your utility bills, have a compact space, and save more for the future. BOSS homes are sustainable because we use 35% recycled plastic to manufacture the panels. BOSS solutions are eco-friendly, they are insulated and fire-resistant. 

BOSS offers the best tiny house kits and prefab homes

BOSS has been manufacturing tiny homes for over 20 years and we manufacture the best tiny house kits. You can design your own tiny house. Do not worry about the permits because we offer a permit package. The package contains FM approval certification, title 24 energy certificate, foundation plan and structural drawing stamped by engineers. Submit the plan and get approval within a span of 4 to 6 weeks.

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