Why is it great to invest in pre-built tiny house shells?

Jun 23, 2023

The result of the Tiny House movement is about premium quality structures within the budget. It all started with the purpose of offering a space to the homeless ones. Soon, most people started finding interest in the tiny home concept because it has more than a couple of advantages compared to traditional homes. Many like to build their own tiny homes to reduce hiring labor costs. Apart from DIY initiatives, you can invest in complete prefab tiny homes or pre built tiny house shells. The shells are more affordable than prefab homes and easier to customize than kits. 

Our steel quality is our specialty 

BOSS panels are premium-quality ASTM-certified steel panels that do not corrode and offer adequate insulation. We offer different roof styles. They are durable and can endure a 30 pounds per sq feet snow load. Our tiny homes have climate-controlled interiors. They are Title 24 Certified, fire-resistant, and energy-efficient. We use green technology to manufacture panels that reduce the carbon footprint and produce excess waste. BOSS uses premium ASTM-certified steel panels to manufacture rigid panels. BOSS panels are made of LGS framing, which is a sustainable option. This steel offers extreme foundational strength and seismic stability.


Are you scared of the budget factor? 

Tiny homes are generally an affordable option for renting traditional apartments. But you still have loans and do not wish to pay upfront. BOSS understands your financing requirements. We handle and interact with many clients and cater to their financing needs. BOSS has teamed up with CustomFin to offer lucrative financing plans. We have a list of more than 300 lenders and offer different financing plans. You choose the one that fits your requirement. We offer the lowest interest rates starting from 3.99%. BOSS offers lucrative financing deals along with a tiny house shell for sale. 

Are you looking for an easier option? 

Pre-built tiny house shells are hollow structures brought to you with all basic facilities. All BOSS structures come with electrical and plumbing facilities. You can hire a professional to customize the interior. BOSS structures come with a 3-year warranty. We are one of the biggest kits manufacturers in the USA. The company has been manufacturing customized tiny homes for more than 20 years. We manufacture tiny homes on foundations and wheels. Our structures meet International Building Codes. BOSS pre-built tiny house shells are delivered within a few weeks. 

BOSS Permit Package 

You need not worry about the permit because BOSS offers permits as a package. It contains:

  • Engineer-stamped structural drawing
  • FM approval certification
  • Title 24 Energy certification
  • The custom site and foundation plan. 

Final words

Get customized pre-built tiny house shells based on size, shape, and layout. We offer fully automated tiny homes. Contact BOSS Tiny House in California if you plan to buy a tiny house shell. Our structures are shipped directly to your site at factory-direct prices. Please book a consultation to discuss a tiny house solution with our team. 

Submit the permit package to the Department of Building and Safety. Get the permit approval within 4 to 6 weeks.








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