Why Investing in BOSS Pre-built House Shells is Worthwhile?

Nov 24, 2023

The lingering aftereffect of the famous tiny house movement saw a significant population of people embracing the idea of moving into tiny houses. Furthermore, the rising concern over climate change and a will to make a change has also contributed to buying and installing pre-built tiny house shells as a primary living solution. These prefab homes have changed the idea of construction and made the dream of a home more plausible. 

If we look back, tiny homes were introduced to provide shelter to the ones without homes. However, what started off as a humanitarian initiative had gained the interest of most people looking to downsize, as they embraced the idea of moving to a tiny home. With the elevating popularity of the tiny house, many manufacturers and builders introduced their range of tiny houses. BOSS is one of the most reliable and trustworthy tiny house builders. BOSS tiny house shells for sale are quality-assured and come with a 3-year manufacturer warranty on every model. 

Through this blog, let’s uncover why you should trust BOSS for your tiny house and how they are worth your investment.


Standout Features of BOSS Tiny House

Commercial grade materials that ensure safety and comfort: BOSS is committed to offering a remarkable experience and incorporates features and attributes that give BOSS tiny homes an edge above the rest. To begin with, BOSS uses commercial-grade construction materials that are weatherproof and FM-approved class 1 fire resistant. The walls are 3” thick and offer B17 insulation along with the ability to endure weather variations effectively. BOSS designs the roofs with 5” steel panels that provide R38 insulation and can withstand 3 lbs/sq ft snow load. 

When you buy a tiny house shell from BOSS, you meet the international building codes and opt for a safe and convenient option. BOSS adheres to the rules and regulations and offers a seamless housing solution that is safe, comfortable, and easy to install. 

Thoughtful incorporation of doors and windows: BOSS has paid special attention while designing or incorporating the doors and windows. ADA-compliant doors ensure that these homes are convenient and accessible for people with disabilities. Moreover, BOSS equips double-tempered glass windows for better sound insulation and helps maintain indoor temperature during weather variations. The incorporation of double-glazed glass windows also helps keep energy usage in check by reducing the use of the heating and cooling systems. 

Pre-installed electrical and plumbing solutions: The other striking feature of BOSS homes is that they come pre-installed with plumbing and electrical solutions for convenience of use. The electrical solutions are completed through rough work within the walls, and the plumbing is designed through the foundation. This eases out the additional effort and toil from the homeowner. Furthermore, the lifestyle package from BOSS is the one to look out for as it enhances the pre-built home shells with electrical and plumbing components as well as takes care of the subflooring. 

Convenient Permit Procedure: BOSS pre-built tiny house shells also ease out the complicated permit procedure with their pre-approved designs. BOSS Tiny Homes comes with permit packages that include the following:

  • Stamped and approved structural drawings by engineers.
  • The customized site and foundation plan.
  • The Title 24 certification, which ensures the building is safe and sustainable.
  • And the FM approval for fire-resistant building materials.

The permit package makes the procedure smooth and fast, as the approval gets granted within 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the city and its governing rules. 

Sustainable and eco-friendly: In a time when sustainability and environmental consciousness are prerequisites to defending against the climate crisis, BOSS has your back. BOSS uses 35% recyclable materials, making your home construction a guilt-free endeavor. BOSS homes are eco-friendly and extremely durable. They are prebuilt and so do not pollute the environment during installation. Besides, the exceptional durability ensures they don’t end up in landfills within a few years. 

Choose BOSS to get financed!

While building a house is always a matter of huge expenses, a BOSS tiny house shell for sale makes it affordable. They are a cost-effective solution and have fewer expenses than traditional constructions. However, what makes BOSS your ultimate choice is their flexibility of payment. BOSS has tied up with CustomFin to introduce some pocket-friendly installment solutions. So, with BOSS, you can be satisfied with the idea of having a home while keeping it light on the pocket. Visit the website now to customize your dream home. 








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