Why do tiny house kits work beautifully for grad students in the USA ?

Jul 11, 2022

Grad students who are studying or working towards literary PHDs love the ideal of minimalism and living in tiny house kits. A lot of youngsters choose minimalistic living to save on cash. The small space and downsizing their belongings are a non-traditional way to begin married life, but it can work beautifully for many. BOSS offers customized tiny home kits that arrive in DIY packages within 4 to 6 weeks. The low-earning grad students love the tiny home kits for sale available at BOSS, as they are affordable and highly durable. Although many go the traditional way of investing in stick-built homes, tiny houses are a better alternative in more ways than one.


Low maintenance 

The tiny house kits are easy to maintain, and downsizing removes unwanted clutter from the space. Tiny homes made from galvanized steel wall panels are corrosion resistant and do not rot, mold, attract termites, or bow. The FM-approved tiny homes have a 3-year warranty, and there is precise, modern, crisp furnishing to maintain aesthetics.

On the other hand, the traditional wooden stick-built homes are prone to absorbing moisture, molding, rotting, bowing, and attracting termites. The stick-built homes need waterproofing and painting to enhance their longevity, while BOSS tiny home kits already have pre-painted waterproof interior and exterior walls and ceilings. The stick-built homes are high maintenance and expensive, making them not a great choice for newlywed grads. Instead, consider customized BOSS tiny houses that come at factory-direct prices.

Faster assembling 

BOSS offers standard sized tiny home kits for sale. The kits get customized in different layouts, sizes, and designs based on specifications. The BOSS tiny home kits are quick to install, taking only 3 days and with the help of 2 laborers. The tiny homes are livable structures offering high volume at low costs. On the other hand, the stick-built houses require days to build and are a laborious project. The stick-built home installation is a slow and conventional process that gets expensive over time. In addition, stick-built homes have a high carbon footprint and aren’t good for the environment. Rather consider investing in eco-friendly BOSS tiny homes as the manufacturers use 30% recycled materials to build the housing structures. 

Wet stamped and quality approved 

The tiny house kits are made of ASTM-certified steel to ensure safety and security. Tiny home kits meet the International Building Codes and are FM-Approved. The tiny homes have 2” walls that exceed Title 24 certification, proving that the PIR insulation is excellent. On the other hand, the stick-built houses have 4” walls that hardly meet the Title 24 certification. Poor insulation makes living uncomfortable and more expensive inside the stick-built homes.

In addition, BOSS tiny homes have a Class 1 fire rating and are made from self-extinguishing materials. In contrast, the stick-built structures made of wood are combustible materials and not fire-resistant. Young grads looking for a space to live near their college or workplace would find BOSS tiny houses a sustainable choice without the pocket pinch. 

Final Words 

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