Why can tiny house shells offer relief from too much effort as well as high costs?

Mar 05, 2024

Let’s be honest that prefab tiny homes are a little expensive. Most of them choose to downsize within a specific low budget. Prefabricated structures make work easier, cutting down time while kits are for the enthusiasts who wish to do maximum savings and build a tiny home from scratch on their own. Assembling kits can be extremely tedious and require a good amount of expertise but ensures maximum savings. Are you still confused about which one to choose? We also manufacture pre-built tiny house shells that are affordable than prefab structures and save cost to a good extent if not like kits.


No more a solution for the homeless

The tiny house concept started as a savior for the homeless but gradually gained unparalleled prominence in the real estate sphere. Tiny homes take you out of the stress and worries related to owning or renting expensive spaces by spending a fortune. The recent economic scenario does not look very happy and this is why tiny homes are here to stay. Now, they are an option not only for the homeless but for many entrepreneurs as well who require saving money to grow their business.

The Permit Package

Permit is a very important factor without which no tiny house shell for sale can be assembled. There is no need to run for permits because BOSS designs a Permit Package containing FM approval certification, engineer-stamped structural drawing, and Title 24 Energy certification. Submit the permit package to the Department of Building and Safety and get approval within 4 to 6 weeks.

Fund crunch? Avail the CustomFinn financing

Nothing is sweeter than money but having a tiny house even if you have a fund crunch gives an unconditional sense of accomplishment. BOSS understands the extreme demand for tiny homes where we face new clients everyday and most convert into buyers. We have financing plans for our customers who understand the phrase ‘better late than never.’ Own a tiny house first and pay us later with our CustomFin financing. The interest rates are low starting from 3.99% and you have access to more than 300 money-lenders.

BOSS supports sustainability

BOSS seamlessly restructures the supply chain using recycled and eco-friendly materials. BOSS manufactures sustainable tiny homes using green technology to offer sustainable spaces. We have collaborated with the top global plastic manufacturers to offer complete sustainability. BOSS uses 35% recycled plastic to manufacture the panels. Using recycled plastic improves the fire resistance of the panels. Our experts design panels that have higher levels of insulation. This helps to reduce the carbon footprint. Already have plans to buy a tiny house shell? Explore our inventory for customized options. 

Final words

You can have a consultation with the experts for customized tiny homes. Request a quote.








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