Why are more people choosing to live in tiny houses?

Nov 22, 2022

Tiny homes have become extremely popular, indicating a rising trend in the housing market. The COVID-19 pandemic and rising living costs have led people to seek alternative means of accommodation. This countercultural movement is born from the desire to live in a sustainable way that promotes the idea of living with less. Many are purchasing DIY tiny house kits randomly from the local marketplace. This isn’t a smart move, as you should be doing adequate research before investing. BOSS Tiny House is the one-stop destination for buying high-quality prefab housing structures. Here are a few reasons behind the rise in popularity of prefab homes and how to buy the best tiny house kits that would last longer and require minimal upkeep. 

Promoting minimalism 

The world is gripped by consumerism, where the need to amass more stuff has led to excessive expenditure. However, by investing in DIY tiny house kits, you can learn to declutter the space to eliminate unused possessions. Recycling unwanted items and leading a simpler life come naturally in a tiny home. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on comfort. BOSS Tiny House is not tiny at all. We customize the sizes and layouts and design the structures as per your needs. BOSS tiny homes have 9–10-foot vaulted ceilings and are highly spacious with preinstalled plumbing and electrical systems. A customized BOSS home has the basic amenities for leading a good life. 


The durability of tiny home structures – BOSS homes have a 3-year warranty 

Purchase the best tiny house kits keeping longevity in mind. Not all tiny home structures are created equal, which is why BOSS Tiny House is the better choice. Our prefab structures have fitted doors and insulated walls with double-tempered glass. High-quality ASTM-certified steel is used to manufacture the structures. The tiny homes don’t mold, rust, or rot and are safe from termite infestation. The durable structures are fireproof, earthquake resistant, and have a 3-year warranty. The prefab homes meet and exceed International Building Codes and are CA-certified and FM-approved. The prefab-built structures easily meet the Title 24 Certification and have excellent PIR insulation. 

BOSS Permit Package 

Getting a permit for a tiny home shouldn’t be a hassle if you buy the BOSS Permit Package. The tiny homes need to comply with certain building and zoning codes. That’s why we obtain your site plan and design fully customized tiny homes for you. Our permit package provides you with engineer-stamp structural drawings and a customized architectural and foundation plan. The permit package will also contain Title 24 energy Certification and FM Approval Certification. If you purchase this permit package from BOSS and submit the paperwork to the Department of Building and Safety, the approval comes within 4 to 6 weeks. However, how fast you get the permit depends largely on your local municipality.

Final Words 

If finance is a problem for purchasing a prefab home, then BOSS offers flexible financing solutions. We have partnered with CustomFin to make the purchase easier for you. Get in touch with the 300+ moneylenders and discuss the financial aspect. Set up a free consultation with BOSS home manufacturers for a detailed discussion. Request for a no-obligation quote now. 







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