Ways to Blend Your Studio House Kit in Your Landscape Exquisitely

Mar 15, 2024

Does the idea of installing a studio tiny home on your property excite you? The functionality and usefulness that it will bring to your space call for limitless possibilities. While you can utilize the additional space for various activities, consider thinking of ways the structure blends with your existing space. Although functionality is essential, making way for an eye-appealing landscape is in no way ignorable. If a well-designed backyard is important for you and you can invest in the landscaping, just go for it. However, if you have a limited budget and are looking for downsizing, you can skip the landscaping expenses for now. 

In this blog, we have envisioned some landscape tips that you can consider to highlight and elevate the presence of your studio house kit in the property and blend it as part of your space. This will ensure that the studio kit does not appear as a foreign presence but rather an extension of your beautifully designed property. Here you go:


Why should you consider landscaping around the studio kit?

Who wants something other than an exquisitely designed, functional, aesthetically appealing backyard? When you simply install a studio kit in your backyard, it may not look like part of your property, so landscaping is the key to achieving a blended look. It will help create a natural flow through the property and a distinct focal point in your backyards.

Ideas for landscaping around the studio home kit:

The right location for installation: The first step is to choose an ideal site for installing the studio home kit on your property. However, the things to consider are the distance from the existing home, the plumbing and electrical connections, proper exposure to sunlight, and the landscaping possibilities. 

Constructing a way leading to the structure: While you want to highlight your additional structure and enhance its presence, designing a path is crucial. Since this is an aesthetic upgrade, you can check out options to design an attractive and striking path. Considering your budget and taste, you can choose colorful tiles, a rustic stepping stone design, or something of granite. 

Light up the space: By incorporating outdoor lighting into the landscape, you will enhance the look of your backyard and ensure a safe night-time journey to your studio home. For those who want to utilize the backyard space for hosting parties or spending leisure time after the sun sets, lighting is a crucial investment. Consider adding path lighting and exterior sconces for a well-lit landscape. 

Expand beyond the structure: While you use the additional space offered by your studio home for various activities, design the outdoor space for versatility. Adding a patio to your landscape allows you to extend the studio home beyond the structure to utilize it for lounging on a lazy evening. For example, the outdoor patio can be ideal for yoga or meditation if you are using your studio home as a home gym. 

Enhance the entrance: Although the tiny studio home remains hidden in the backyard, designing a beautiful and welcoming entrance is worth it. Besides expending money on professional landscaping, you can opt for an affordable and sustainable solution with greeneries. Adding flowering plants and leafy grasses can enhance the landscape naturally and cost-effectively. Greens always succeed in making an impression, and by strategically designing the landscape with plants and hanging flower pots, you are all set to make an appealing view. 

Final Words

Landscaping is an optional suggestion for your property and is not an essential inclusion with your studio house kit. Nevertheless, suppose you are considering the studio home as the focal point of your backyard. In that case, some landscaping will help blend the structure as a cohesive part of your property. However, before anything else, you must find a reliable manufacturer for your studio home. BOSS is a renowned manufacturer of studio house kits. These structures meet California building codes and have a permit package and a 3-year manufacturer warranty. 

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