Want to have a built-in bicycle garage with downsizing your living?

Oct 25, 2021

If you are thinking of downsizing your living but are unable to find one with a built-in bicycle garage.  We have products which fit your requirements. Check out the latest products and services offered on our website BOSS. The customizable affordable tiny house kits allow you to transform your own designs or allows you to choose from our designs with a built-in bicycle garage. Having years of experience our experts use built on-site systems to re-create the designs of the tiny houses and customize them as you wish.

Expand your space 

Expand your space by attaching your tiny house shell with the diy cabin kits. Storages are very crucial factors when it comes to downsizing your living for building strong foundations. BOSS offers durable housing solutions within the tiny kits and allows you to customize the space for effective utilization. 

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If you are an athlete or love to ride bicycles this is one of the best solutions for displaying your own collections and even starting your own Store and the tiny house shell. The tiny house cells are available at a very affordable rate which will save you the cost of installing electrical and plumbing facilities that you require for having a physical store. The presence of basic amenities and spacious interiors will help you to draw the attention of your target customers in the market and help you successfully flourish your store. 

Pre-installed electrical facilities

Pre-installed electrical facilities will be available with the BOSS tiny house kits for sale. The electrical appliances that are installed within the shells are energy efficient which will help you save on your electricity bills. The interior walls of the tiny house are vinyl-coated. The benefits of vinyl-coated walls help in the reflection of the light that falls on the surface and makes the space look brighter even on a dull day. This will also help the interiors be insulated in harsh climatic conditions. 

Insulated ceilings

Having high insulated ceilings within the tiny house is bliss. You will be able to help in customizing the spacing of the tiny house shells of the hanging facilities for displaying your collections of bicycles and accessories to your customers. A high ceiling will also enhance the insulation and maintain a comfortable temperature. 

Final words

Ready to experience living in the modern tiny houses with a built-in bicycle garage while downsizing your living? We are ready to help you convert your wishes into reality and enrich your lifestyle in the spacious diy cabin kits. 

Get the affordable tiny house kits at the best prices at BOSS Tiny House. Attaching a tiny house shell with your tiny house will expand your storage and help you to maintain a separate space for keeping your collections or opening stores for offering bi-cycle accessories. This will not only benefit you for having your own space but widen your opportunity for opening your own stores for generating passive income at the same time. 

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