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Dec 08, 2023

Gone are those days when tiny homes were designed only for people experiencing homelessness. The tiny house concept has evolved exponentially and has come a long way. It can be a quick solution for those looking for additional space within their budget and in a short period. Tiny homes are available as prefab best tiny house kits, ready tiny homes, and shells. Tiny homes help to downsize, reduce debt, have a planned lifestyle, and cut off additional responsibilities. 

Different uses of prefab tiny homes and the best tiny house kits exist. You can build a backyard office, playspace for kids, or a retreat in the backyard. Plan a studio layout for the graduates, space for aging parents, or space for the guests. Utilize ADUs to have an extension of your living space for Airbnb rental. 


Automated tiny homes with 3-year warranty

BOSS manufactures tiny homes by implementing automated processes, so our kits are easy to assemble. You can choose to build it yourself or hire a local contractor. A tiny home needs fewer materials to build, uses less land, consumes less electricity, and produces fewer emissions. Our kits or ready homes come with a 3-year warranty. The most outstanding aspect of BOSS minimalistic homes is that they fit any current establishment. We manufacture tiny home kits with electrical and plumbing facilities. 

The mandatory Permit – We offer the package

Having a permit is mandatory while installing a tiny house. There is no need to get into the nitty-gritty of it because BOSS offers the Permit Package. The inclusions are:

  • Structural drawings stamped by the engineer 
  • FM approval certification
  • The foundation plans 
  • Title 24 Energy Certification

Submit the plan to the Department of Building and Safety to get the final permit within 4 to 6 weeks. 

Tiny homes – Meets the International Building Codes

Our tiny homes meet the International and California Building Codes. This signifies easy permission, fire resistance, and energy efficiency. BOSS’s automated assembly line ensures perfection and premium quality. Our engineers use top-quality commercial-grade building materials inside our Tiny Homes.

Tiny homes – Adding value to your property

Did you know that minimalistic homes can upscale your property estimation? Putting resources into a minimalistic home as a connection to your main living place can build the property’s value. BOSS Tiny House is your one-stop shop for the best tiny house kits. BOSS minimalistic homes are worth every penny. Our tiny homes boast of quality, functionality, and accessibility. BOSS has been a pioneer in manufacturing tiny homes and kits for over 20 years. We customize tiny homes according to your requirements. 

No upfront payment is involved

Do not pay upfront when you can avail of BOSS’s financing plan. BOSS brings you a flexible and easy payment process. We are partners with CustomFin and offer lucrative and flexible payment options. BOSS is associated with more than 300 lenders offering financing at low-interest rates of 3.99%. We have well-structured, flexible payment plans for all our customers. 

Final words

A tiny house could be an added space, a great investment scope, or a perfect off-grid living space. We manufacture affordable ADUs, backyard spaces, and studios. All our BOSS prefab best tiny house kits are shipped directly to your site, which helps to save the overall project cost and time. 








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