Unlocking Space and Value with ADU Home Kits: Potentials and Leverages Decoded

Oct 10, 2023

Over the years, the ADU house kit has garnered popularity among homeowners for the variety of ways it can be utilized for convenience and additional income.  The versatility of ADU kits is one of the main reasons behind their growing demand and widespread market. Whether you are looking for a retirement home for your aging parents or a dedicated space for work-from-home, ADU home kits are the answer to your search. Furthermore, they can also serve as a reliable source to increase your monthly income by either renting out or using the space for a business idea. In short, ADU kits are the future of housing and add great potential to the property. 

Suppose you do not belong to a community of experienced real estate professionals or investment experts. In that case, we are here to help you with the potential of installing ADU home kits on your property. It is better to have an idea of the pros and cons before investing. However, with ADU kits, there are only benefits to count. 


Simplifies and Speeds up the Planning Phase

There are many ways of adding an ADU kit to the property. You can opt for a customized solution or prefab kits that many builders offer. Building a house from scratch is far more time-consuming than opting for prefab kits. Additionally, the ADU kits come with a pre-engineered plan, saving you time for planning and speeding up the permit process. 

BOSS ADU kits come with engineered plans and permit packages that hasten the process and save time and resources. The permit procedure is hassle-free, as all you need to do is obtain a site plan and building codes from the Department of Building and Safety and get the BOSS permit package. Next, you need to submit the custom site and foundation plan to the department. You will receive the permit approval within 4 to 6 weeks and can start with the installation.

Sign in for affordable project expenses

The escalating costs of construction materials and the growing demand for laborers have accelerated the expenses of traditional construction beyond the reach of low-income communities. Additionally, the mess and the tedious process are added disadvantages to conventional construction methods. Inversely, ADU kits can significantly reduce expenses with their unique bolt-together and DIY-friendly installation method. 

Furthermore, you can customize the ADU kits per your requirements and significantly cut costs by opting for a smaller home. Besides, BOSS uses high-quality materials that make homes extremely durable, eliminating unnecessary repairs. 

Ensure higher property value

Real estate market research shows that adding an ADU kit to your property can help increase the property value by up to 25%. However, depending on the materials and techniques used in building the ADU kits can increase the property value by up to 34%. Adding an ADU kit increases your property’s square footage and value before potential buyers. The functional and convenient designs of the ADU house kit also attract better rents from tenants and can pose a profitable alternative income. 

Go green with sustainable ADU homes

ADU homes offer greater sustainability than traditional homes by cutting down on energy and water expenses. If you plan to go off-grid, then ADU kits are the best solution. These homes are customizable for solar power, and the insulated wall panels help maintain the temperature efficiently without consuming more energy. ADU kits are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and contribute positively to the environment. 

Wrapping up

If you plan to include an ADU home on your property, BOSS is the right place for you. BOSS ADU home kits are designed for weatherproof shelter solutions with comfort and safety as a priority. BOSS homes can be installed on any existing foundation and are easy to install with the bolt-together method. Visit the website for financing assistance and pay in easy installments. Design your home today.








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