Tips for Building a Tiny House – Hire the Experts at BOSS Tiny House

Apr 18, 2019

As property pricing is soaring high every year, recently tiny house has become a trendy concept. Tiny houses are a very flexible mode of living; it could be an off-the-grid retreat or an abode to dwell very economically. The tiny house movement aims that every family or individual can afford a home. Among so many companies, BOSS Tiny House California has earned immense reputation in manufacturing premium small home kits and complete homes as well. The company is also well known for offering valuable tips for building a tiny house.

So, here are the six best tips you need to remember while building and designing a tiny house:

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A structured plan ensures a well-planned structure

The plan is the most critical part of any building, be it a huge or a small one. A tiny house is nothing without a structured plan because of every square foot of space matters. If you plan your space well, you can enjoy comfortable living in a compact area. For instance, you can use sliding doors to save space and also do not install unnecessary doors. You can also maximize window space also keeping in mind the insulation. We are not selling plans though; you can have a discussion with us and look for plans online or create a unique plan. You can also plan to bring in the natural light and get some outdoor view, and you won’t feel claustrophobic.

Did you check the local codes and laws before designing?

Tiny houses are mostly built on trailers, and you do not need to gather building permits. Many people prefer a tiny house on wheels because it’s a portable solution and not just a small house. The local laws vary from one locality to the other, so you should check the laws before you start designing. It will help you better in deciding the size of a tiny house and stay updated about the regulations.

Do not forget the roof and foundation

The foundation is a significant factor while designing a tiny house. The first decision you need to make is whether you want a static home or a portable one? Tiny houses can also be built on concrete foundations, stilts, beam, and skids. Decide which foundation you would be using for your tiny home, the roof design is also fundamental, mainly if you live in an area that receives the right amount of snowfall.

The weight matters

When building and designing a tiny house, the weight plays an important role. If you are planning a transportable home, BOSS uses excellent quality light-weight materials. If your home is built on a trailer, do consider the ‘tongue weight,’ which is the load in front of the trailer as well as at the back.  At BOSS we have experts who keep the weight in mind and design the best for you. This is why you need to take expert advice or hire only professionals.

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You can also buy tiny house shells

If you do not wish to build a tiny house, you can also choose from the range of entire homes. We also offer tiny house shells for sale; these are individual units that come with doors, windows, roofing, and flooring. We also customize the interiors and provide an electrical and plumbing system. In case you are interested in only buying the four walls and a roof; you can always do that for cost-cutting and do the interiors yourself.

BOSS offers customized of tiny houses

Living in a tiny house does not mean you are leading a tiny life; in fact, you have an experience full of freedom. Have a tiny house of your dreams; live happily in your dream home. For tiny house related queries, consult the BOSS experts, and we assure you an affordable solution.







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