Tiny Office in the Backyard is Ideal for Productive Work

Jul 30, 2019

If you have tried to work from home, you are probably familiar with this problem – it is extremely difficult to concentrate and be productive in the same space in which you unwind and relax!

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There is daytime television to watch, dishes to clean, kids interrupting. Sometimes, you need space where you can get away to, but going to a coffee shop to work just defeats the entire purpose of working from home.

But, what if we told you that you could have it all? A serene, productive place that is away from distractions and where you can wear your pyjamas while working?

Enter – the DIY tiny home office in the backyard.

Tiny backyard offices are perfect. You can focus on getting your work done. They’re also a fantastic place to let your creativity shine.

Whether you are thinking of starting your architecture practice or you are a freelancer, you might find privacy and space in your home a bit tight. Turn to BOSS tiny house kits and be able to create your very own home office right in the middle of your backyard. Our tiny house kits are completely customizable and they are all-inclusive with proper insulation and plumbing. The side and roof panels are soundproof and pre-insulated, and BOSS tiny house is mold and termite-proof. Moreover, having our tiny house on your property can add more value to your real estate investment.

Inside, your tiny backyard office can contain a stand-up computer desk, drafting table, chair and plenty of books. It can have internet connectivity and electricity. You can have large windows for natural light to enter your office so that during the day time, you can cut down on electricity bills.

For the times when you have to work all night to finish a project, you can have a small bed inside your DIY tiny house backyard office. For storing files properly, you can have cabinets that will make your space look organized. You can use benches for extra seating, if there are chances that you will be meeting clients in your home office to discuss business.

Additionally, you can have a small kitchen space with the essentials like, a coffee machine, a small stove and a fridge stocked with your favorite beverages and snacks. You can have a small oven instead of a stove if you are not planning to do much cooking inside the home office. And of course, a small, but tidy bathroom is a must.

We have worked with several clients who have even utilized space intelligently by dividing BOSS tiny house with the use of a ladder so that there are two sections. While the lower section of the house is strictly for work, the upper section has a bed and maybe a couple of bean bags where they can relax. Some of them have even installed TV and video games to blow off steam in between work.

So, do you need help building your own DIY tiny backyard office? Our tiny house kits are easy to assemble, but if you still need help, our affordable BOSS tiny housing assistance plan is for you. Our designers and architects will help streamline your design and aesthetic ideas to build an ergonomic, functional and productive tiny office.

Contact us today for a consultation, describe to us your requirements and we shall customize.

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