Tiny Houses Perfect for Your Grown Kids or Mother-in-law

Jul 11, 2019

If you’ve got grown kids trying to get on their feet, guests or an aging parent who should not live alone, finding a space to put them might be a problem. You might not have enough room for yourself in your cramped apartment. Fortunately, the popularity of BOSS tiny house on foundation means that there is an affordable and customizable option for you to put a unit on your property.

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Tiny homes are so efficient, cozy and beautiful that you might want to move in yourself and make it your primary home. So, you can be assured that your mother-in-law or boomerang kids are going to seriously enjoy staying in a tiny house as they get to enjoy their space while still being right under your nose.

If you did not think that tiny homes can be stunning, you haven’t come across Boss small house kits for sale. Our kits are inclusive of insulation and electricity facilities, soundproof panels and completely free of termite and mold. Our tiny house can be fully personalized to suit your lifestyle or the lifestyle of whoever is going to stay. You can either choose to build it yourself with help from YouTube DIY tiny house tutorials or you can reach out to our assistance team who will come out to your backyard and help assemble the kit. You can choose to bring the lush outdoors in with a rolling glass door.

Regardless of whether your kid or aging parent will be occupying the tiny house, you can decorate it with a gorgeous kitchen, a walk-in closet and a luxury bathroom. The tiny house can feature a TV and a sound system that will be appreciated by anyone staying there. However, if it is going to be the personal space of your grown up kid, you can split the house and have a loft with a ladder attached to it. The loft can be the sleeping area while the rest of the tiny house can be split between a kitchen, bathroom, an office or hallway and small area dedicated to games.

Since you have to make intelligent use of space, you can have storage boxes and shelves on the walls where things can be kept. This will make the house look more organized and less floor space will be utilized. You can also opt for benches instead of chairs so that more people can sit while leaving you enough space to dabble around with other decorating ideas. The house can also have a basketball hoop on the exterior wall, just beside the door.

In case you need more interior decorating tips and ideas, reach out to BOSS’ team of interior designers. Schedule a consultation with our team to brainstorm ideas. It is crucial that you make the most use of the available space as our tiny houses are 8.5X20, 8.5×26, 8.5×40.

So, is your mother-in-law ill and your partner wants her to move in with you? Or your grown up kid is coming back home? It is best to give them their space so that you can continue with your own peaceful life. For more information, contact us.

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