Tiny house shell – Your comfortable cocoon and a safe haven

Jul 20, 2021

DIY cabin kits were primarily meant for the homeless, but now it’s a thing of the past. However, many people are embracing the concept of a tiny house shell for extra space and a good ambiance. The affordable tiny house kits get customized in a planned manner to ensure maximum privacy and comfortable living. However, if you have a tight budget, then come to the tiny home kits for sale at BOSS. Since the real estate market is extremely expensive, people prefer to get tiny homes to start a business or use the place for their personal usage. Here are a few reasons why you should plan to invest in tiny homes:

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It’s no longer tiny – Customize your spacious home 

The tiny house shell comes in varied sizes, colors, designs, layout and finishes. The most popular sizes are 16’ x 40’ and 24’x 80’. However, you can customize the size and opt for larger and more spacious homes that would serve the purpose better. Since you also get to customize the color, designing and layouts, the tiny homes prove to be visually appealing and delightful living spaces without the pocket-pinch. You can go for deluxe flooring options with loft ladder, porcelain toilet and elegant sink – as per your wishful desires. BOSS engineers and manufacturers use innovative ideas and advanced technologies to customize durable tiny homes as per specifications.

Downsize with BOSS 

Traditional construction requires a good amount of time and money. Embrace downsizing and contact BOSS to get the finest tiny home kits for sale that do not involve hiring laborers and indulging in extra investments. The kits get manufactured in the factory and come in DIY kits with a user-friendly assembling manual. The DIY cabin kits need only 2 people to help in the installation. You can get professional help or ask your family and friends to adhere to the DIY manual and get the tiny home assembled and installed. The assembling of the kits is easy and hassle-free as it gets completed within 3 days.

Get a home loan for the tiny house kits

Affordable tiny house kits now come with a home loan opportunity. You don’t have to run errands to get the loan. BOSS home loan is a simple financing system that gives you the opportunity to buy a tiny home of your choice. You just need to apply for the loan and reach the eligibility criteria to get the loan approved. Once the eligibility gets checked, the loan gets approved within minutes. There’s no partiality during the approval process and no legwork required to get the loan approved. Just get in touch with the professionals at BOSS and ask for the tiny home loan.

Get the Shell Plus Kit – the most favorite amongst all 

The Shell Plus kit made from ASTM-certified steel is well insulated and comes with a 3-year warranty. You can get the kit on wheels or get it installed on a strong foundation. The shell kits give you a luxurious lifestyle and get customized within a budget, making them a big favorite in the USA.

Are you interested in tiny house kits? Come to BOSS and request a quote now. We also offer a free consultation to provide innovative ideas and logical solutions for people inquisitive about the DIY cabin kits. Get in touch now.

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