Tiny House Serves as a Home Office and a Small Sleeping Area as well

Jun 27, 2019

Measuring 8.5 X 20, BOSS tiny houses are a massive hit among entrepreneurs, bootstrapped startups, freelancers and those who work-from-home. Visionaries are increasingly using our tiny houses as their business headquarters or offices. Renting or buying office spaces do not come cheap, and there is always the chance that you will not get a space that suits your taste and ideas. Purchasing or renting workspace and then renovating it would seriously set you back a few thousand dollars and unless you have the budget, such a considerable investment at the start of your business is unwise.

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Fully customizable tiny houses from BOSS

As a leading tiny house manufacturer, we provide tiny house kits that are fully insulated and can be fully personalized to suit your specific requirements. You get our tiny house structure and build it with high ceilings and glass doors to make space appear comfortable and large.

You can include a mini refrigerator to keep it stocked with beverages, a bathroom, a coffee machine to impress your clients/customers, a compact desk, and 2 or 3 comfortable chairs. You can even have a small kitchen area with just the essentials. Our tiny house is spacious enough to accommodate 3 to 4 people for a business meeting. You have to use the space wisely and make sure not to include heavy wooden chairs or complex workstation.

To smartly utilize the space, you can have shelves or storage cabinets where you can safely keep your work files instead of having them lying around everywhere. We understand that you might need to charge several different gadgets for your work like your laptop, phone, scanner, and printer and so on. We can install USB outlets every 3 feet around your home office so that you and the other members of your team can plug in their devices while working.

If your business requires you to burn the midnight oil, you can have a small loft or sleeping area, and we attach a ladder to it. You can just put in a small bed or mattress so that you can temporarily use it as sleeping space when there is much work to be completed. You can check out the Internet for smart home office interior ideas, or you can reach out to our interior designers to give you some space-saving ideas.

Multi-functional home office

Our tiny houses are multi-functional, and it can double up as your home office, recording studio, or a creative getaway. In case your business is giving massages, you can use the space to entertain clients so that your clients do not intrude upon your private space. Also, building a tiny house on wheels will give you the freedom to take your home office with you to a nearby meeting. It will surely impress your clients that you are going to meet with all the essentials.

You can build your tiny home office yourself, or our team can help you with the set-up and even the interior decoration. Connect with us for a sound consultation.

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