Tiny house is a very popular trend in the USA – A solution to all your space issues

Jun 21, 2021

There was a time when tiny homes were meant only for the homeless. But gradually it has been accepted very nicely and now it is a choice for even those who wish to make a sound investment. Yes, tiny homes are mainly popular among those looking for extra space within a specific budget. Moreover, these days the housing market is looking expensive with higher rents. But some clients order tiny homes because they do not wish to put in all their earnings into renting a luxurious space. For instance, if you are trying out a new business, it makes sense not to take too many risks. 

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Downsize with BOSS tiny house kits

Downsizing is now a welcoming trend because it has only advantages, including saving money and time. Also, assembling a tiny house is very less compared to building a traditional building. You can assemble a tiny house yourself, whereas a traditional construction involves hiring laborers and extra investment. 

Affordable tiny house kits from BOSS

When you do not have space within your budget, the purpose is not served. Time is also a very big factor because what if you need a tiny space in a week? The easiest would be to buy kits and build a structure yourself. We have seen how people looked for isolation spaces during the pandemic. Tiny homes are now being used for several purposes and not only for living inside. These structures are used as accessory dwelling units, studio, home offices, in-law suites and play space for the kids. BOSS is one of the most renowned companies that designs affordable tiny house kits. We have gained a reputation within a short period. 

The Shell Plus DIY transformable kit

BOSS designs various types of tiny house kits that are DIY transformable. The Shell Plus kit is made from ASTM-certified steel which is insulated. We leave no stones unturned to offer the most premium quality kits in the USA. Now we are offering shells because we want to make the process easier for you. A shell is a ready structure and you do not have to be a pro or have any prior experience to install one. 

BOSS is trying to contribute to making a greener environment; the least amount of waste is produced during the assembling process. BOSS stands for built-on-site systems, so it’s easiest to install. All our kits come with a simple manual so that any layperson can initiate the assembling. 

The Tiny House Loan – quick approval 

When you come to BOSS, you do not have to worry about financing. We realize the kind of demand people have relayed to tiny homes. This is a very simple financing system that takes less than even minutes to get approved. We check the eligibility criteria, and the loan is approved. You can count on us for the best tiny house kits in the USA.

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