Tiny Home Office Plus Retreat – a Great Idea!

Aug 22, 2019

As families grow, space requirements change. This is where BOSS’ tiny home kits come in handy. Recently, our team helped build a tiny home office/retreat for a teleworker. Since he works from home full-time, he really needed a separate space for his office. He did not need more or a lot of space, but just wanted to be out of earshot of all the fun his kids were having.

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We bet even you can imagine the challenge of participating in an important conference call while the sounds of happy children and barking dogs echo in the background!

So, the teleworker also wanted to build a tiny house for weekend getaways, and we offered him our tiny house for sale, along with the expertise of our design team. We came up with a design that served both his purpose of having a weekend cabin and home office.

We kept the design simple as he had a tight budget, but we managed to make the tiny house design functional and aesthetically appealing. For the home office, we included both a sit-down and stand-up desk because he wanted to be on his feet more. He did not want to be constantly sitting down in front of the computer and we made sure to include that in our tiny home office design. The desk that we chose for him was ergonomic and can also be used for various functions when the tiny house is being used as a camping cabin. The desk even had drawers so that it worked as a flexible workstation and also storage solution.

We fitted his tiny house with a simple bathroom consisting of a composting toilet, small food prep space with a fully stocked fridge and coffee machine, and a sleeping space. We divided the interior of the tiny house with a ladder and made the upper area as the sleeping area so that the office felt more spacious. So, when he needs to relax, he uses the ladder and heads to the sleeping area which has a soft, fluffy mattress and bean bags.

For his office, he needed a fax machine and a printer, which we set it up by bringing in a multipurpose table with shelves. The equipment fits perfectly and he also had space to fit a phone on the desk.

As our tiny house kits already come equipped with electrical and plumbing systems, we didn’t have to worry about that.

For the exterior of the tiny home office/retreat, he wanted a chilled out vibe. We came up with the idea of placing some greens and creepers to make the place look vibrant and also official.

Once we gave him the basic idea of the design, he took up the responsibility of the rest of the decoration. His tiny home office/camping cabin was assembled, designed and ready in less than a week.

So, if you are also in need of a space where you can work in peace, check out our tiny home kits for sale. You can order for tiny house kits and turn it into a DIY project or let our team assist you.

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