Things to consider before buying DIY cabin kits

Aug 26, 2022

Modern, minimalistic, roomy, open, and clutter-free are the terms that define tiny living. If you are planning to invest in a tiny house on a trailer kit or want a custom home built on a foundation, then BOSS Tiny House can help you. Our DIY cabin kits are a cut above the rest and better than the traditional stick-built homes. Buy affordable tiny house kits direct from our factory to ensure topmost quality, longevity, and minimal upkeep. A perfect tiny home is a macro unit that can hold everything one might need. Here are a few features that make tiny living a real joy. At BOSS, we ensure that the homes meet customer demands and are customized to meet individual preferences.

Are they durable, strong, and well-protected? 

The most asked question by customers when buying DIY cabin kits is about longevity, repairing, and repainting. The other most common question is the security and strength of the tiny home to protect against intruders. BOSS Tiny Houses have prefab structures built with galvanized steel that offers exceptional durability and strength. The ADA-compliant deadbolt-locked doors and double-paned locking windows ensure optimal security under all circumstances. The BOSS homes are fire-resistant and have a 3-year warranty. The tiny home structures are better than wooden stick-built units as they do not absorb moisture, rot, bow, mold, or attract termites. BOSS tiny homes are water-resistant and have pre-painted interior and exterior walls and roofs, while stick-built houses require waterproofing and painting separately. BOSS Tiny homes offer superior protection and are sturdier with better longevity than other alternative housing solutions.


Are they low maintenance? 

The tiny house on trailer kit and those built on a foundation are easy to maintain and clean. The tiny homes have a standard size and can be customized into smaller or larger units. The small spaces keep the environment clutter-free, and cleaning is minimal. Since the durable tiny home structures are virtually maintenance-free, they do not mold, rot, or absorb water. On the contrary, stick-built houses made from wooden prefab structures start to rot and require professional care for maintenance. BOSS Tiny Houses can withstand heavy snow loads, and with pre-installed electrical and plumbing systems, the lifestyle gets enjoyable without the maintenance burden.

Insulation, energy efficiency, and installation – What does BOSS have to offer? 

Buy affordable tiny house kits with home-grade PIR insulation. The tiny homes offer great insulation to control the external climate from affecting the indoor environment. The 2” walls meet Title 24 certification and ensure excellent energy efficiency. The BOSS homes get installed swiftly within 3 days with the help of only 2 laborers. BOSS homes are engineered to last, and the precise fabrication gives a perfect finished look to the walls and ceilings.


If you are worried about purchasing tiny homes from BOSS, then avail of the home loan facility from CustomFin. BOSS has tied up with CustomFin to offer loans with interest rates as low as 3.99%. In addition, over 300 moneylenders are willing to offer you home loans that make the purchase easier, and the flexible payment plans don’t seem overwhelming.

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