There is no need to rent a bigger house because you can attach an ADU to your main house

Jun 28, 2021

Why should you take stress about excessive investment if you require a bigger home? The property market has escalated to a huge extent with the price of homes rising, including rent. A lot of people panic when they require a bigger space. It is nearly impossible to have a hefty rent for a new property all over again. But the situation is under control since the rise of the tiny house movement. If the homeless can have a tiny home for themselves, it is also difficult to have a bigger tiny house. 

Yes, why not invest in an accessory dwelling unit? It is only possible to have a dwelling unit if you stay in a house with a yard, pathway or driveway. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to have an ADU if you are living in an apartment. In the last 10 years, the ADU market has experienced steady growth. More homeowners have chosen this option. It does not make sense to invest a lot of money in having a home. Managing the expenses and understanding the priority are more important. 

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ADU kits are available in the market, using which you can build your tiny home all by yourself. This is a bigger advantage where the labor charges are saved. You usually cannot erect a traditional building all by yourself. The tiny house kits come with lucid instructions for simple installation. The kits require only 3 days for 2 people to complete the installation. 

Are you thinking about which kit to invest in? You can choose the Shell Plus from the BOSS tiny house in the USA. This is a DIY kit that is very easy to install. Some of the salient features of this kit are: they are available in two sizes, 16’x 40′ and 24′ x 80. The kits are customizable and not so tiny but quite spacious. Installing this kit is even more hassle-free because the electrical and plumbing system is already pre-installed. This is an advantage because you do not have to spend time and money hiring professionals or contractors. 

Apart from an ADU, you can also build your cabin, studio, home office, play space for kids, and more. In all, a Shell makes your work of assembling a tiny house simpler. You can assemble a shell kit on the foundation by abiding by the zoning laws and have one on wheels.

Do you require setting up an ADU? They are a part of the main house, but they can also be treated as an independent structure. If you wish to know more or share your ideas, book a free consultation. BOSS ships affordable tiny house kits on time and the kits are packed in sturdy wooden crates to prevent any damage. 

Do not break your head thinking that you have to invest in a bigger-size home. BOSS has easy financing options which is the BOSS Tiny House Loan. We check the eligibility and the approval takes a few minutes. Explore the BOSS website for tiny house kits and request a quote.

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