The widely accepted tiny home living – buy Affordable Tiny House kits

Jun 16, 2023

If you live in a tiny house, you will not have to worry about loans or mortgages. Living in a mobile home is fun and exciting. However, many prefer installing DIY tiny house kits built on a foundation. Minimalistic home development has been very much talked about on the internet. Individuals are now more familiar with the economic mode of living. The initial purpose of the tiny house concept was to provide homeless people with a place to live. But now, this concept is widely accepted. 

A tiny house is usually a small space that can be used for living, working from home, starting a business, playing, and other activities. Tiny houses can be built on a foundation, trailers, wheels, or both. The property market is rising, and many need help to include a space in their spending plan. We request that you split away from the need to lease another home. Why pay high rent when you can own a space in your backyard? Wisely invest in an affordable tiny house kit.

Do you know about the financial advantages of a tiny house?

The initial cost is lower due to the smaller space. Buying a small house is less expensive than buying an expensive car. If you have doubts, traditional and tiny homes have the same quality, making them equally durable. You can also save money on energy bills by cutting out high utility and maintenance costs. A tiny house is very affordable, and BOSS makes owning one easier. 


Before you pay us, we will provide you with a prefab-ready home, shell, or affordable tiny house kit. We know that you might not be willing to make an upfront payment or be severely short of money. CustomFin has partnered with BOSS to offer flexible financing plans. There are now a variety of financing options available from 300 different lenders. The interest rates start at 3.99%, which is very low. Flexible payment options are available to our clients. You can easily buy affordable tiny house kits.  

BOSS Permit Package – It is mandatory

The sizes of BOSS backyard spaces range from 64 to 128 square feet. We offer the best minimalistic home units in the USA. However, you need a permit to build a tiny house in the yard. We control the permits, so you do not need to panic. There are three simple steps to the permit process. First, the Department of Building and Safety can provide you with the site plan and the local building codes. The following are included in the BOSS Permit Package:

  • The structural drawings are engineer-stamped 
  • FM approval certification 
  • Title 24 Energy Certification

Submit the plans to the Department of Building and Safety. You can get your permit within four to six weeks, depending on your city location.

Final thoughts- request a quote

Do you plan to purchase affordable tiny house kits? Over the past two decades, BOSS Tiny House has been manufacturing affordable tiny houses. In the United States, we manufacture tiny living solutions using cutting-edge technology. Our kits for tiny houses come in various styles, sizes, and layouts. To produce high-quality miniature structures, our engineers use an automated procedure. We provide you with cutting-edge construction at affordable pricing. 

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