The Tiny Life – DIY cabin kits for making most of minimalistic living

Feb 25, 2022

Minimalistic living has taken the world by storm. Investing in affordable tiny house kits is greener, simpler, and more affordable than the average traditional housing. The idea of minimal living personifies the benefits of leading a conscious, de-cluttered, and carefree life. At BOSS, we help individuals live smaller and lighter by custom-making the tiny house shell that prioritizes their needs. If you are looking for aesthetic, functioning, and personalized tiny home kits for sale, keep on reading to know more about the benefits that BOSS DIY cabin kits entail. 

Personalized Interiors That Suit Your Purpose

Most apartment dwellers do not have a dedicated office. Tiny homes help create a soothing space where one can unplug, recharge and take a step back from sky-high screen times. Although small, a tiny home is ideal if you want some extra space and escape the chaos of urban life. At BOSS, our expert engineer and custom-design the tiny house shell that aligns with your purpose. Each kit comes with a variety of color, layout, size, and shape options, making it easier for individuals to utilize the space. In addition, the presence of feature upgrades helps widen your scope of future customizations. You can even customize a tiny house on wheels and continue your work while traveling.

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Quick Installation with Built On-Site System 

Unconventional living has piqued the interest of millennials. Customize the DIY cabin kits for living in a rustic cabin nestled in the woods, driving across the country in a mobile home, or building a unit to follow your muse. If you are looking for such a place with a tiny home kit by BOSS, you can transform your dream into reality within a short interval of time.

The DIY kits come with a step-by-step manual and have a built-on-site system. Two skilled workers in three days can help you build your own space. Each kit has a three-year warranty and comes in sizes 16’ x 40’ and 24’ x 80’. However, you can choose smaller or larger units based on your preferences. Our experts offer innovative solutions to maximize storage and utility. 

Includes pre-installed plumbing and electrical system

A decluttered life primarily focuses on living simply and consciously. BOSS manufactures affordable tiny house kits with pre-installed electrical and plumbing systems for individuals thinking of shifting to a downsized life. It saves individuals from extra expenses, time, and stress, ensuring flexibility while designing the overall structure.

Our experts implement modular technology and superior quality materials, including ASTM-certified steel structures, to ensure secure and safe tiny house shells. The insulated steel roofs can withstand harsh weather conditions and surpass a 30 lbs/sq ft snow load test. In addition, the soft textured vinyl coated walls offer insulation and reflect light to provide an airy, spacious and bright interior. 

Final Words

It’s time to get a place that reflects the true you. Our tiny homes are economical, and with the home loan offers, you also get the financial relief you are seeking. Get the loan sanctioned within minutes and order the customized dream space. Request a quote now for tiny house kits for sale. Contact at 310-350-3352.

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