The importance of buying a tiny house shell – embracing the minimalistic living

Aug 22, 2023

The minimalistic home development is about premium quality designs that are affordable. Everything began ages ago fully intent on offering a space to the destitute ones. Before long, the vast majority began finding interest in the minimalistic house idea since it has in excess of several benefits contrasted with traditional homes.

Many like to construct their own minimalistic living spaces to diminish recruiting work costs and to save time. Aside from Do-It-Yourself drives, you can put resources into complete prefab minimalistic living spaces or minimalistic pre-built tiny house shells. The shells are more reasonable than complete prefab homes and simpler to redo.


We offer you a ready structure

Pre-built tiny house shells are empty designs carried to you with every essential amenity. They are four-walled structures with a roof and a ceiling. They have doors and windows. All structures accompany electrical and plumbing fittings. You can employ an expert to assemble the shells into a complete structure. BOSS Tiny House structures accompany a 3-year warranty. We are one of the biggest tiny house producers in the USA. The organization has been fabricating altered minimalistic living spaces for over 20 years. We make minimalistic houses on foundation and on wheels. Our designs meet the Global Construction laws. BOSS pre-fab tiny house shells are customized according to your requirements.

Panels made of high-quality steel

BOSS Tiny House offers superior quality ASTM-certified steel panels to manufacture a tiny house shell for sale. Our interior is well insulated and the exterior is protected. We offer different rooftop styles. They are strong and can get through 30 pounds for every sq feet of snow load. Our tiny living spaces have an environment-controlled interior. They are Title 24 Certified, heat proof, and energy-productive. We utilize green innovation to fabricate boards that decrease the carbon impression and reduce the waste. BOSS panels are made of LGS outlining, which is a feasible choice. This steel offers outrageous strength and seismic soundness.

BOSS offers a Permit Package so that you do not have to bear the hassle. The permit package contains:

•      Engineer-stamped underlying drawing

•      FM-approved confirmation

•      Title 24 Energy confirmation

•      The custom site and establishment plan

CustomFin financing

Are you planning to buy a tiny house shell? Minimalistic living spaces are a reasonable choice for expanding the space. BOSS has collaborated with CustomFin to offer rewarding funding plans. We have a rundown of in excess of 300 moneylenders and deal different lucrative funding plans. You pick the one that accommodates your prerequisite. We offer low interest rates that start from 3.99%.

Last words

Our pre-built tiny house shells are light of size, shape, and design. We offer completely mechanized minimalistic living spaces. Contact BOSS Tiny Homes in California if you intend to buy a tiny house shell. Our structures are transported to your site at manufacturer-direct costs. Request a quote.








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