The Idea of Tiny House Living – Have Your Own Home within the Budget

Apr 10, 2019

In recent times, downsizing is the new upgrade, but this did not exist a decade ago. You would agree to the fact that micro living is a new concept yet spreading so fast, each year so many people are planning to lead a life free of debt and loans. Now there is a tiny house movement, and the internet is flooded with searches related to small homes. When the world is so modern when everything is so available then why are people opting for a compact living? You need not have a palace, but it’s essential to lead a king size life. You earn all life to spend all earnings to get a large house is a flop idea now. Have a small house enough for a decent living and lead a stress-free life.

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Getting used to the tiny house lifestyle

Living in a tiny house is all about developing a lifestyle, it different that stereotype homes. Tiny houses are a movement supporting minimalism and protecting the resources. Some so many people choose to live in tiny static houses but for those who travel a lot and wish to do away with taxes can opt for a tiny house on wheels. BOSS Tiny House has a stock of premium quality small house kits for the DIY lovers and also ready structured units known as shells for both homes on foundation and wheels. You can choose to customize the interiors yourself if you are investing in a shell or we have complete homes with all interiors done.

How tiny is a tiny house?

A tinyhouse generally ranges from 200 sq ft to 800 sq ft but there are homes that are even 1000 sqft. BOSS specializes in designing different types of tiny houses, and you can put those to various use like create a recreational zone, family suite, turn it into a studio, etc. The concept is all about small-size homes and maximum space. This is why you have a tiny house with lofts attached, sometimes the lofts can be bedrooms, the bathrooms are not very spacious, and a compact kitchen with folding kitchen table can do the job. BOSS Tiny House aims to offer tiny houses that serve your purpose, we also customize the interiors, or you might get ready shells and create your interiors.

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DIY or we build for you

The best thing is that these abodes are very simple; even you can build it on your own. We are offering the best value tiny home kits for sale as a low-cost living solution for the people. You can assemble your home using our kits; it will save the cost of hiring a professional. But we also offer very affordable on-site building service by the professionals in any location of your preference. The price is low because you don’t need to hire a huge team of contractors.

Easy financing from BOSS

If you have a tiny house in mind, come to BOSS Tiny House for a consultation to know the details of our products, and if finance is your key concern, we have easy financing.  A tiny house is a lot more than the size, it’s about having a home of your own, yet you do not have bigger mortgages.







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