The escalating popularity of prefab ADU homes and kits

Mar 15, 2023

An accessory dwelling unit is a simple idea of a secondary dwelling attached to your single-family abode. It is a tiny house on the foundation in the backyard. It is a part of the same property, so one cannot buy or sell it separately. 

ADUs are of much help when there is a space crunch inside your house. It can be a cozy corner for your aged parents and in-laws or you can rent it for additional income. We make sure that you put your backyard to the right use. Flexibility in housing makes sense for lifestyle, environmental and financial reasons. Tiny homes are changing the housing scenario in the USA. 

The BOSS-exclusive ADU features 

BOSS designs ADU units that range from 256 to 576 sq ft. You can choose from different roof styles, like the pent, classic, gable and lean-to roof. Our ADU home kits come with commercial-grade roof and wall construction. The roof is well insulated and can ensure a snow load of 30 lbs. There are spacious doors, windows, and insulated flooring. Our homes and kits have electricity and plumbing systems installed. They have a 9 to 10 feet high vaulted ceiling so that people inside can move freely. The interior is PIR-insulated and offers climate-controlled facilities. Our ADU homes are made from corrosion-resistant and galvanized panels.


We help you with the permits

It is illegal to install an ADU without permits. We offer foundation kits that make assembling easier. Our permit process involves three easy steps. First, getting a site plan is most important. Avail of the local building codes from the Building and Safety department. Our permit package includes the following:

  • Structural drawings that have Engineer’s stamp
  • Title 24 Energy Certification
  • Foundation plan and custom site 
  •  FM-approval certificate

Finally, submit the plan to the Department of Building and Safety and get the permit package approval within 4 to 6 weeks. 

Explore our financing options – More than 300 lenders

You can avoid getting headaches over fund crunches or paying upfront. BOSS has lucrative financing plans for our clients because we understand your need of the hour. We assure you you will never have to wait for enough money to buy a prefab tiny house or ADU house kit. Explore our financing plans and avoid heavy loans and mortgages. BOSS has collaborated with CustomFin to offer great financing plans. You can access more than 300 lenders offering flexible payment plans. The interest rates are also low starting from 3.99%. 

BOSS Tiny Homes – offering tiny home solutions for over a decade

BOSS has been manufacturing tiny homes for more than 20 years. We are the largest manufacturer of ADU home kits in the USA. We have associated ourselves with companies that are building and construction sector experts. We boast of consistent quality as we have our entirely automated assembly line. We use premium-quality building materials to manufacture tiny homes, shells and kits. All our tiny houses meet the International and California Building Codes. Our prefab homes and ADU home kits are energy-efficient and fire-resistant. BOSS offers sustainable structures as we use almost 35% of recycled plastic to manufacture our panels. 

Wrapping up 

BOSS tiny spaces are affordable, we ship them to your doorstep at factory-direct prices. Please ask our team about your tiny house requirements and request a quote.








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