The BOSS Shells Plus kit was a savior for Kevin who is a young entrepreneur and wanted to set up his workspace

Feb 20, 2020

Kevin has planned to get a new office and this one is his first so you can say that it’s a startup. Now, a lot of young entrepreneurs fear to put their feet forward because it’s the funds they are worried about. Now, renting an office space is a pretty expensive plan and most give up their dream. BOSS Tiny House promises to make it possible for the new generation entrepreneurs. A tiny house can serve as a decent office space; keep reading to know how Kevin made his dream come true.

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Kevin came to know about BOSS as he was spending a lot of time researching office spaces and how he could have one within a tight budget. He booked a prior consultation and things went systematically. He came to our office to meet the BOSS expert consultants and once he did let us know about his requirements and budget, we immediately offered him the latest and the very affordable tiny house shell kit, the Shell Plus. You must know that this kit is not only used to build office spaces but you can set up your home studio, ADU, play space, cabin and more. Kevin was impressed by the features that we mentioned the Shell Plus kit has.


Here is letting all our readers know about the outstanding features of this advanced kit, keep reading. The BOSS Shell Plus kit is very affordable and easy to install; it is one of the most transformable DIY kit solutions. This kit is easily customizable, a solution that you can rely on and this kit also comes with the easy Built-on-Site systems. The Built-on-Site system is very beneficial because you have the BOSS experts to assemble the house for you, it’s ready in the quickest time and our charges are super affordable. This is something you need if you are not building the tiny structure on your own. If you are planning to do a DIY, it would take not more than 3 days to complete the installation process.


Kevin called upon one of his close friends and managed to do the installation himself, he completed it in just 3 days. The Shell Plus kit is available in two different sizes, 8.5’’ x 20’ and another a little more spacious 8.5’ x 26’ and the prices are $9995 and $12995 respectively. Kevin chose to have the first one, he did have a crunch of funds and he was elated because we offered him financing options. We usually offer this to our customers because we understand the need for the house; we know that your dream cannot wait. But we follow a process to ensure that you are eligible for receiving financing and once you pass, we immediately offer. All our kits come with a warranty of 3 years and this is impressive because we got client feedback that they were so happy about it.


The roof is insulated and is snow load-tested, thus very sturdy, the walls and ceiling are insulated, the washroom space is big enough, and the windows are lockable double-pane and the doors are made of steel and have deadbolt locks. Kevin wanted to ensure that his workspace is proper and secure a good space for 3-4 adults.  

Design Yours

Kevin received the Shell Plus kit with plumbing and the electrical facility already installed and this lessened the hassle. Now he can directly concentrate on decorating the interior and making arrangements for the new office. If you have dreams like Kevin and are looking for tiny house shells for sale, have a consultation with the BOSS experts and we are here to offer an ideal solution.







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