The benefits of a reasonably sized ADU – Having your family live with you

Jan 27, 2023

Do you wish to have extra rooms to eliminate the space crunch? Do you know it can solve the issue without shifting to another bigger property where you need to pay bigger rents? The property market has not been very favorable in the last few years. After the pandemic, people went through a funding crisis for various reasons. You can always move to the simplistic idea of having an accessory dwelling unit attached to your property. Utilize the space in the yard to install a backyard ADU. Having a couple of additional rooms can help solve the problem within the budget. 

BOSS Permit Package – Get the site plan and local building codes

You cannot install a backyard ADU without legal permission. Most companies help you go about it so you do not experience any hassle. BOSS Tiny House in California does the same by offering a Permit Package. Get the site plan and local building codes from the Department of Building and Safety. Our BOSS permit Package contains engineer-stamp structural drawings, foundation plan, custom site, Title 24 Energy Certification and FM Approval Certification. Finally, you must submit the plans to the Department of Building and Safety. After everything, it will take 4 to 6 weeks to get the permit. 


Alternative Dwelling Unit – a space for aged people

A backyard ADU is a part of the same property, housed close to the main property. So, you cannot buy or sell it independently. But, a home with an ADU attached is of high value. You can use the ADU for various purposes or even rent it to tourists, college students or fresh graduates and enjoy additional income. Most aged people wish to stay in their homes as they start aging. But design and finance can be a big concern. This form of dwelling can offer a lot of potential. A backyard ADU helps aging people meet their requirements without moving. 

The features of our ADU

BOSS alternative dwelling units are well-ventilated and use PIR insulation to deliver a climate-controlled interior. They are spacious and the size can be customized. They have a high vaulted ceiling that is 9-10 feet tall. The structures are made of corrosion-resistant and galvanized steel. Our alternative dwelling units are built on any foundation from dirt to cement.

Do not worry if you do not pay upfront

Are you ready to pay upfront? You can own a tiny house easily, but what if you do not have plans to pay upfront? There is no need to hesitate to ask us for a financing plan. BOSS Tiny House has teamed up with the renowned CustomFin to offer plenty of financing plans. There are more than 300 lenders who are ready to offer flexible financing plans. The rates are as low as 3.99%, so it is convenient to repay.  

Order our tiny homes online

The housing concept has changed because there is no need to rent apartments and homes if you are on a budget. Owning a tiny home is easier than renting a traditional house. BOSS Tiny House’s alternative dwelling units are equipped with electrical and plumbing systems. All our spaces are prefabricated and assembled onsite. Our tiny houses are easy to order online and are delivered within 4 to 6 weeks. Request a quote.







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