Switch to a clutter-free lifestyle – Buy affordable tiny house kits now!

Nov 29, 2022

Did you know more than half of Americans have given a thought to tiny house living? Millennials, Gen Zers, and senior citizens have already started living tiny and are quite satisfied with the minimalist lifestyle. Going tiny is the trend and has plenty of advantages. If you think living cramped inside a tiny home is uncomfortable, check out BOSS Tiny House and its exclusive prebuilt structures. The tiny homes are spacious and come customized in different sizes, layouts, and designs. You can now buy affordable tiny house kits at factory-direct rates and get them delivered to your address within 4 to 6 weeks. However, now let’s know the benefits that lead people to tiny living. 

Designed keeping longevity, strength, and insulation in mind

The tiny house shell kit made from high-quality galvanized ASTM-certified steel is durable and does not rot, rust, or get damaged easily. In addition, the structures are weather resistant and offer great PIR insulation. The prebuilt home structures have a crate length of 10 feet and can sustain a snow load of 30 pounds per sq. ft. The R-value of the walls is 18, which ensures that the homes offer good climatic control and keep the indoors comfortable at a specific temperature. BOSS Tiny House structures have a 3-year warranty but, ideally, last for more years with minimal maintenance. 


The layout of the tiny home

Ideally, the layout will have a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and living space, but if you have more in mind, talk to the experts to design and customize it according to your suitability. The spacious interiors have 9-10 high vaulted ceilings and the homes can be built on any flat surface made from cement or dirt. The tiny house kits come customized with double-paned locked windows, vinyl siding, and ADA-compliant 36″ deadbolt locked doors. The prefab structures have crisp, perfect walls, and the finishing touches add more aesthetic to the structure. 

Permit package 

Getting a permit package is challenging, as the buildings need to meet International Building Codes and align with local laws. BOSS Tiny Houses offer prefab structures that are quality tested before being shipped. However, you can even buy our permit package to obtain the permits from the local municipality easily. Firstly, we offer you a site plan which aligns with the local laws and codes of the Department of Building and Safety. If you are satisfied, then you can purchase the BOSS Permit Package. The package has engineer-stamp structural drawings, a customized foundation site plan, FM approval Certification, and Title 24 Energy Certification. Once you buy the package, you can immediately submit the paperwork to the Department of Building and Safety to get the permit. The approval usually arrives within 4 to 6 weeks, but it can take longer depending on your city. 

BOSS Tiny Homes – The Worthy Investment 

The tiny home market is booming, and making the ideal choice can be challenging. BOSS Tiny House is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality tiny homes built on a budget. We have partnered with CustomFin and have more than 300 moneylenders on the platform to offer you flexible payment plans for homes with interest rates as low as 3.99%. Our upgraded choices and new features ensure good value for your money. Request a quote now. Book your free consultation today. 







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