Studio House Kit FAQs: Everything You Need to Know

Sep 12, 2023

Non-traditional homes are taking over the property market and are the new-found obsession of homeowners. However, a comprehensive study of the perks of owning a studio house kit explains its escalating popularity. These new-age homes are designed for convenience, comfort, and customization. Moreover, they meet the requirements and expectations of modern homeowners and help them save both time and money on home expansions. Additionally, these studio kits’ sustainable and DIY-friendly designs make them a worthy choice in the long run. 

Through this post, we will educate you on everything you need to know about these studio tiny homes before investing in one. We have dug out the most common queries and tried to answer them for your knowledge. Read further to get your answers and understand the concept of tiny homes.


What is a studio tiny home? 

Tiny homes were conceptualized centuries ago to solve space concerns. Traditional constructions are becoming excessively expensive and time-consuming, so these prefab home kits are a respite. They are affordable and designed to meet the expectations of a contemporary lifestyle. These homes are lightweight and easily transportable in DIY kits. The standard layout of these studio kits includes a living/kitchen area and a bathroom, which is customizable. 

Why are tiny homes a hassle-free solution?

Tiny homes eliminate the need for sourcing materials and hiring a contractor to build a house. They are available in easy-to-install kits with the flexibility to install on any foundation. Besides, manufacturers like BOSS offer customization options for the choice of roofs and fenestration arrangements. In contemporary times, when the American housing crisis is at its peak with soaring interest rates, material costs, and a shortage of available land and skilled labor, tiny homes are the ideal and hassle-free housing option. 

Are tiny homes a sustainable housing solution?

The 21st century is living on the verge of a never-before-seen climate crisis. And the least you would want to do as a responsible citizen is to live with the guilt of adding up to this scenario. BOSS studio house kit is made from 35% recyclable materials, making for an eco-friendly solution. Furthermore, if you plan to go off-grid, these homes can give the perfect start. Made from highly insulating materials, these homes are energy-efficient and help reduce carbon footprints effectively. Tiny homes are the perfect example of modern homes that require a blend of sustainability and functionality in a compact space. 

Are tiny homes ideal for year-round stays?

BOSS tiny homes are made from 3” thick weatherproof panels with B17 insulation and a 5” steel roof with R 38 insulation. These panels ensure year-round protection from changing weather conditions. The roofs are built to endure a snow load of 30 lbs/sq ft, making for a safe dwelling place in the winter extremes. The weatherproof panels remain unaffected and keep you safe and comfortable throughout the year. Thus, studio homes are a future-proof housing solution. 

Can studio homes be listed on short-stay rental platforms?

The accelerating popularity of short-stay rental platforms like Airbnb or among tourists and travelers opens passive income opportunities for homeowners. A studio kit equipped with facilities is the next big thing in the tourism industry. Homeowners can utilize their property by installing studio homes and listing them on these rental platforms. These homes serve the perfect balance of the privacy of the guest and the accessibility of the host. 

Do financers cover studio tiny homes?

Studio house kit is not your traditional home, so the financing solutions are also pretty tricky. The standard home loans are available for homes built on a permanent foundation, thus ruling out the scope for financial assistance for tiny homes. According to finance experts, you can opt for an RV or personal loan to buy your studio kit. However, with BOSS tiny homes, you get financing assistance from CustomFin, a consumer financing company associated with BOSS. BOSS has teamed up with CustomFin to bring hundreds of financing options with rates as low as 3.99%. 

Final Word

If you are considering investing in a studio kit, this post will be helpful for you to understand how this new-age innovative housing solution works. We have tried to answer some popular discourses around the studio tiny homes. If you have some more queries, reach out to us. 

BOSS is a leading manufacturer of studio tiny homes and has been in the industry for the last 20 years. Visit our website for more details or ring us at 323-870-6678.








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