Sophia chose to take financing aid for owing a BOSS Shell Plus to build her own home office

Apr 13, 2020

Like Sophia if you are also looking for the most affordable and easy to assemble DIY transformable kit, it’s time to stop worrying and invest in the all new Shell Plus kit from BOSS Tiny House. You can build your own ADU, home office, and cabin and play space for kids. 
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Sophia is now our esteemed client but months back when she approached us for a tiny house kit to build her home office, she was clueless how she would manage to set up her own business within such a narrow budget and we did what we best can. Yes, she booked a consultation with our experts and we suggested investing in the most affordable Shell Plus kit and building her own tiny space for home office. She immediately agreed but we assured her that even after this if finance was something she was really worried for, we could offer her easy financing options and she accepted the offer and could reduce a lot of stress. We offer financing to our clients but we do check the eligibility factor and once you qualify we offer it to you.

Now Sophia already owns a custom home office and she is playing her part to become a budding entrepreneur. She is a mother of two and this is also a reason why she chooses not to leave for office which would be far away from where she lives. Now she wrote to us “Thank you BOSS tiny House for helping me to build my own home office, I faced trying times but your team supported me a lot. You helped me to taste entrepreneurship” So, this kind of client feedback makes us really happy and we feel that everyone who needs it should own a tiny house. We feel motivated in manufacturing various types of DIY tiny house kits.

She and her husband together took only 3 days to install the kit; it’s well suited for foundation and trailer. Now the Shell Plus kit is available in two sizes 8.5’’ x 26’ and 8.5’’ x 20’ so she chose the smaller size as she thought it would be enough for setting up a home office. The prices are $9995 or the smaller one and $12995 for the other one. The built-on-site system is really nice because you can call experts to complete the installation, this would save time and you would have to spend a little money for something amazing. This is of much help if you are not doing the entire installation on your own.

Sophia loved the features of this Shell Plus which includes insulated wall panels, pre-cut walls and frames for easy installation, galvanized ribbed exterior walls, insulated steel roof that is snow load tested to ensure durability and strength, vinyl-coated interior walls, vaulted insulated high ceiling, double-paned windows and steel doors with deadbolt locks. In all the space is sufficient for 3-4 people working together, your clients coming and going. Another amazing feature that lessened Sophia’s burden is that the Shell Plus comes with already installed plumbing and electrical supply.  She customized the interior herself to create a perfect professional ambience.

BOSS offers tiny house kits for sale, we aim to offer the best value kits and make your dream a reality.
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