Some Buying Vs. Building Questions to Ask Before Going Tiny

Feb 26, 2019

Tiny homes may be all the rage right now, but there are clear practical and lifestyle advantages of moving to a smaller space. Forget the money you’ll save and think about the freedom, flexibility and inspiration tiny living can give you. But before you can turn your dreams into reality, you’ll have to deal with some big questions regarding whether you should build or buy a tiny house. We’re here to help you with some of them.

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“Should I build or buy my own tiny house?”

Building your tiny house will need ample time, some building and fitting chops as well as your full commitment to the job. Some tiny home converts swear by the sense of fulfilment that comes from building a home with their own hands. But if time or skills are letting you down, a number of prefabricated and professionally designed tiny homes could be the answer for you. Bring in a dash of DIY by picking a custom build instead, or doing the basic construction yourself and hiring experts for plumbing and wiring.

If you do go down the DIY route, you can choose from a variety of tiny house kits that will fit your lifestyle and space requirements. Tiny home kits range from simple container setups to cabin-like builds that come fully furnished as well. You also have the option of purchasing a pre-owned tiny house, if you’d like.

“Is it cheaper to buy a tiny house or build one?”

Coming down to brass tacks, building is definitely cheaper than buying. But you need to factor in your construction knowledge and DIY skills, or you might end up spending unnecessarily more on repairs and reconstructions in case a build goes wrong. Bringing in the professionals early can save you on maintenance costs as well.

A reputable tiny house builder working on an average size and base could charge you between $50,000 and $75,000. According to Good Money, building your own tiny home of a standard size (smaller than 186 square feet) can cost nearly $23,000.

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“Should I build a permanent tiny house or buy one on wheels?”

First of all, consider your personal aspirations. While staying on the go may seem exciting and even a dream come true for some, you may want to feel more rooted after a few months or years on the move. A permanent tiny home will be safe and built up to code, and offers the opportunity to build on further and add to it. A tiny home on wheels, on the other hand, is a whole lifestyle in itself — and one that involves change, movement and utter simplicity. It can help you save money in lieu of property tax and lower maintenance as well. Know yourself and your needs, and choose accordingly.

There are some benefits of building a tiny home on a foundation, such as stability and freedom of design and redesign. However, even if you’re buying, you can still choose from a range of tiny house plans on wheels.

“What else should I know before buying or building a tiny house?”

Tiny living can be a pleasant and even welcome change, but a change nevertheless. Whether you build or buy, expect to put in a lot of time and effort, and a little bit of investment as well.

Those inclined to build their own can choose between a completely DIY build and a custom build, where you can work with a contractor to design your perfect home. Without a contractor, we’d highly recommend considering pre-built tiny house shells or tiny house kits, as some of the more technical construction or electrical tasks can get quite complicated. When you’re buying, make sure that your contractors are licensed and experienced.

If you have more questions about tiny homes, call us or write to us and we’ll answer them for you. Your dream of going tiny is only a few steps away — take the plunge today!







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