Solve the puzzle yourself – Build a DIY cabin using the BOSS Shell Plus kit

Apr 08, 2021

Do you wish to work from a remote location or disconnect yourself from mundane life? You might also have to travel from one place to another because of certain professional requirements. If you plan to work from the mountains or by the lake for a long time, booking hotels can be very expensive. Keep excess costs aside and plan to build a tiny cabin. Buying or renting a space is not feasible, especially now when the country’s financial condition is so challenging. Now you can spend a little money and own a cabin of your own. Do not worry because you are closer to living your dreams. 

Tiny homes are helping to downsize

BOSS in the USA manufactures DIY cabin kits so that you can build a cabin by yourself, saving the costs of hiring a contractor. We have experienced a huge increase in the demand for tiny house kits during the Covid -19 pandemic, where isolating was mandatory. People lost their jobs; businesses suffered, many could not return home. During such a crisis, people did not have excess money, so they chose to build tiny structures. It has been a long time that tiny spaces are well accepted, and now clients are happily thinking of downsizing. Why spend excess money when you have built a structure yourself which is cheaper compared to traditional brick and mortar construction. 

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BOSS – built-on-site-systems

BOSS is one of the most renowned companies manufacturing DIY tiny house kits. With our kits, you can build an ADU, home office, cabin, indoor play space, in-law suite, and other structures. We promote and encourage DIY construction. BOSS kits are built-on-site systems that come with simple instructions for faster assembling. But if you still cannot assemble it yourself, hire a contractor. 

Build a cabin on wheels or foundation

The Shell Plus is a tiny house on trailer kit, but you can also build your cabin on the foundation. The Shell Plus is the latest from the house of BOSS. It’s a DIY transformable kit that 2 people can install in just 3 days. Shell is easier to assemble because the parts are ready, which needs to be assembled. 

Insulation and secure locking 

Our kits are hassle-free as it comes with pre-installed plumbing and electrical facilities. The inside walls are soft vinyl coated for insulation; the exterior walls are made of steel which also offers insulation. The ceiling is high and vaulted; the roof is insulated. The windows and doors are fitted with a secure locking system. 

Tiny home kits have become bigger

BOSS tiny home shell kits are available in two big sizes so that you can build spacious homes. The two sizes are 16′ x 40′ and 24′ and 80,’ and we receive a very good response from our clients. We can also customize a tiny home of your desired size. 

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The popularity of tiny cabins or homes is rising; it’s the perfect choice for those who wish to downsize or look for a space within their budget. Please visit the BOSS website for more information and ideas. Visit the ‘Inspiration’ section of the BOSS website for ideas—request for a quote. 

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