Setup your work from home station with BOSS’s DIY tiny house kits

Apr 05, 2021

Minimizing is now the latest trend; it helps in a lot of savings which is extremely beneficial. Residential and commercial property prices are soaring high, so many cannot afford a space. What if you are planning a startup and looking for space within a tight budget? Initially, you can start working from home and gradually expand. A lot of budding entrepreneurs find it difficult to choose an office space. A tiny house is a good option for those who are willing to start small and grow bigger. 

Would you like to know what it is like to invest in a tiny house?

It is easy to build a DIY tiny house using the kits. This saves hiring a contractor. Tiny homes are a very popular concept in the USA. Now, many companies manufacture tiny house kits. BOSS is renowned for offering the best tiny house kits

We can also say that 2020 has also taught so many that working from home is the new normal. But, it isn’t easy to create a professional ambience inside a house. So, to avoid distractions, you can have a tiny workspace in the yard. Portable tiny homes also give you the freedom to move from one place to another for work purposes without spending money on booking hotels. 

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee trying to set up your workstation at home, choose to build a tiny space using DIY tiny house kits. 

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Bigger shells means more space

Shells can make your task easier, and takes less time to assemble. BOSS offers customized tiny spaces. Also, recently tiny homes are not tiny anymore because they are available in measurements like 16’x40′ and 24’x80′. These are quite spacious compared to the usual tiny homes. Choose the measurements according to your budget and requirements. Now we also have many clients who are choosing to build bigger work from home units or studios for work purposes. This is why we have officially launched the bigger DIY tiny house kits.  

Pre-installed plumbing and electrical systems

BOSS’s Shell Plus kits is an advanced and modern kit that is DIY transformable, and we offer 3 years limited warranty on this kit. This kit takes 2 people to assemble, and the entire process is completed within 3 days. Our kits are available in various colors, styles, sizes, and finishing. You can choose to build one on a foundation, also invest in tiny house kits on wheels. One of the biggest advantages is that the kits are facilitated with electrical and plumbing systems pre-installed. This again saves from an immediate contractor’s hassle; you can start using the space right away. 

Build your own tiny office 

BOSS means built on-site systems; our kits are available with easy instructions for hassle-free assembling. We encourage our customers to build tiny homes or spaces, but you can hire a local contractor if you fail to do so. 

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We have launched the BOSS Tiny House Loan. This is a financing aid for our clients. Want to discuss more BOSS Tiny Homes? Then, get in touch with our professional contractors and start talking about your tiny home.

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