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Dec 10, 2019

A tiny house is the perfect space for pursuing your passion and hobbies. Owning a space, even on rent has become a very expensive affair these days. So, why not use some of your yard space and have a tiny house of your own? Sean took the right decision, he is a passionate painter, his paintings are displayed in exhibitions, and he takes painting classes and even has to attend seminars. Today we shall discuss about how Sean owned a space of his own.

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Sean tried renting a space but he immediately dropped the idea after knowing the huge cost because his budget won’t permit.  He discussed the idea among his family and friends; he got a suggestion about building a tiny house. He was completely unaware about it and just when he was wondering whom to approach for a tiny house solution, he came to know about BOSS. He discussed his requirements with us; he was now looking for a tiny house on wheels. He provided him kits and suggested to build a DIY tiny house. Now, he had no clue about assembling a tiny house but our kits are designed for novices, simply follow the instruction and build a tiny house. He saw videos on Youtube, read on the internet, asked his friends and finally he called his brother to help him out in building a tiny house. Our kits are easy to install, it takes only a maximum of two people to assemble our kits.

He wanted to build a tiny house on wheels, a space to practice art; he wanted to carry it to the seminars. He also wanted to take the tiny house to remote locations where he would sit and paint. The tiny house had a space for practicing art, a little kitchen and a bathroom. Now, he called us to do the interiors, we did it according to his plans. The space echoed creativity, we installed proper lights, glass walls for enough light to reflect, and we also installed his favorite works on the walls. We also helped in installing the plumbing and electrical system, the tiny house was ready. At BOSS, we also build tiny house trailers, a solution for moving tiny houses. We have different types and sizes of trailers, Sean got the one that matches the size and can carry the weight of his tiny house.

This way Sean got a tiny house on wheels, a space where he can pursue painting. He is now a proud owner of a moving tiny house. Sean is very energetic but if you are not, you might not build a tiny house by yourself. Being one of the experienced tiny house on wheels builders, we have an experienced and expert team to build tiny homes on site.

So far we have offered tiny home solutions for Sean and many other clients, all of them are very happy and satisfied with the services we offer and our kits are true value. At BOSS we believe that when clients build their own tiny homes, the kits should be flexible, easy-to-assemble and come with instructions.

Sean was glad; he thanked us for the financing option we offered him. You also can be entitled to our financing options if you feel that money matters is hindering you from owning a tiny house. We offer kits at factory direct prices, our solutions are affordable. Get in touch with us for custom tiny house solutions.

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